My Journey to Homeopathy

From Lisa E., Mission, KS

My introduction to the word "homeopathy" was in my "History of Pharmacy" class while attending pharmacy school at the University of Missouri Kansas City in 1973.  The professor, who was also Dean of the school, declared homeopathy as quackery. He further deduced that the homeopathic results seen in the cholera and plague epidemics over allopathic approaches must have been due to the placebo effect.  After all, the "strongest" potencies contained active ingredients in amounts that were below Avogadro's number, and therefore contained nothing.  Challenged by his contentions, I did my own research which led me to disagree, and in fact, choose homeopathy as the first subject of my mandatory continuing education post graduation.

Since that time I have independently studied homeopathy, along side more formal education in clinical biochemical nutrition and endocrinology, and marveled at homeopathy's power to heal the most severe chronic and acute conditions.  As an energy worker, I recognize it as true energy medicine, the last physical treatment before one's abilities to heal one's self.  It has been my joy to continue using, making, and dispensing homeopathic remedies in my pharmacy, now for several decades, and to teach homeopathy courses to physicians, pharmacists, mental health care workers, students, nurses, and physical therapists.  Yet, I think I still know very little. I want to learn more.  I want to be a better practitioner.  I have not taken a true homeopathic case for 14 years, (even though in taking a thorough medical history I'm always thinking homeopathically). Therefore I am pursuing the formal education offered by the  diploma program of the Canadian College of  Homeopathic Medicine.

I chose the Canadian College after extensive research of curriculums from around the world because it's program appears to be in alignment with what Dr. Hahnemann believed, that the being must be able to respond to the remedy.  Dr. Hahnemann often started with nutrition, sanitation and detoxification, etc. before or while giving a homeopathic remedy.  This seems like a more holistic approach, that today could include even more modalities, and, honestly, fits with my clinical views and 40 years of observation that have helped my patient population.  As a licensed and boarded professional, the fact that CCHM is fully accredited, also weighed in my selection of a perspective school of homeopathy, acknowledging that my teachers have received their education from a multitude of institutions.

I am excited about the prospect of learning more about homeopathic medicine from true professionals whom I have already come to trust at CCHM.  I am grateful that I can do this at my own pace, while participating as a family member,  maintaining a clinical practice, running a busy pharmacy and holistic centre, and complete the writing of my book.

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