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  • You are so fortunate to have  Dr. Kellerstein as faculty; CCHM is a place for quality study of homeopathic medicine and I refer my chiropractic students to your college for advanced study in homeopathy. I am always so excited when I can touch a student in the chiropractic program to look...
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  • I am writing to express my gratitude for being able to attend and take part in your wonderful in class program at CCHM.  The whole process from beginning to end what a long one for me, but the last 3 years of class have flown by. Before choosing a school...
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  • The online Teaching Clinic has enhanced my learning curve, raised the bar, challenged my way of thinking as a distance student in a fun and exciting manner. Must say this is an excellent way to hone your skills in preparation to becoming a successful homeopath. Highly recommend and encourage students...
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  • Thank you for a wonderful weekend. The perspective of case taking that we learned this weekend was exactly what we needed at this stage of our homeopathy training. I will always appreciate and be grateful to you for showing me this path.

  • Having returned in April from a trip to Taiwan and the Phillipines, I would like to tell you how homeopathy ‘saved the day’ as per usual!  Since I never travel anywhere without my kit, I was especially glad to have brought it on this trip.  Personally, I used remedies for...
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  • I wanted to pass along some feedback from the weekend courses. Monica is wonderful, her presentation helped everyone in the class and her way of narrowing down the case symptoms was very helpful. Joe on Sunday introduced us to a way of studying the remedies that worked for me very...
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  • “The post grad course has been a tremendous experience for me which nourished and enriched what I learnt during my homeopathic training. It is a well-structured and thorough program with great lecturers who were delightful. I also must say that keeping in touch with my former classmates and listening to...
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  • My experience working with yourself, Dr Joe and the school has been absolutely wonderful! I was apprehensive and nervous having an appointment over a computer but with in minutes I was comfortable.  Dr Joe is very good, I felt his concern and compassion even on a monitor! Big thank you...
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  • Hi Kim,  Just want to thank you for a very informative, challenging yet interesting weekend. I couldn't communicate in the last half of today's lecture due to some mic issues but didn't miss a word you said.  Thank you very much again for sharing a treasure of knowledge with us. you...
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  • “This year was not only a challenge, but had unexpected obstacles. The faculty really pulled through with providing us with what we needed to keep things going. And here we are!  I think I speak for all the students when I say thank you to the CCHM team for helping us pull through...
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My Digestive Issues Led Me To Homeopathy

By Jessika F., Elmira



Life is a journey, if we are willing to take it.  My life so far has been filled with many blessings, many lessons, hardships and struggle; and on this journey I have been fortunate to meet many people who have enriched my life.  I have had the honor of working with many talented and compassionate individuals who are on their healing path and have also had the privilege to benefit from their healing abilities.

My introduction to homeopathy came through my mother.  After I spent several months traveling, I came home with digestive issues, that quickly took over my quality of life.  At this point, I still had little to no support in terms of knowing much about supplements, quality nutrition or homeopathy.  And so, I struggled for a couple of years.  It wasn’t until after I had my son in 2006 that a way of healing became more illuminated.  My mother had found a health food store in Waterloo, that also had a homeopathic office on site.  They were from Germany and she quickly found it easy to share with them, as she was also getting support for her psoriasis.  Eventually I was able to meet with him and my healing journey began.  I began to take two different mixtures to support my gallbladder.  One for maintenance and one for the acute symptoms that arose during an attack.  Surely without this support the medical community would have eventually taken over and insisted on surgery.  Over time with some diet modifications and the support of these homeopathic remedies I healed.  Fully.  In fact, it seems like another lifetime that I suffered so deeply.  This glimpse into alternative and complementary medicine set me on a path of discovery about my body and how to best support it.  Not only that I became deeply connected to the idea that if I could support my own body in healing, that perhaps I could offer that to my family and friends.  It is natural to want to share your healing experience with others.  

For the past several years I have been exploring different modalities of healing.  From my passion of writing and sharing my music to studying holistic nutrition to offering emotional and physical support to labouring women to teaching yoga - I am rooted in the knowledge that my purpose in life is to support others in whatever way I can.  Whether it is with deep listening and holding space or sharing my experiences and knowledge I have come to respect the delicate balance between both as every person has a unique and astounding ability to heal themselves, if they allow it.

Over the course of the last year in particular I had the privilege of working alongside a Naturopathic Doctor who was versed in many different modalities and had a very comprehensive and eclectic approach to his healing.  The clinic offered a variety of practitioners who supported the space including a Holistic Nutritionist, Energy Worker, Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructors (myself included).  I also supported the ND with IV Vitamin Therapy.  My role was to ensure the patients were hydrated, take blood pressure and oxygen saturation levels and most importantly ensure there was a calm, happy and safe environment for them to relax and enjoy their drips.  I also worked the front desk and was often the first line of contact between the patient and the clinic.  I often found myself listening with great care to their needs, questions and concerns and used what may seem as an administration job as an opportunity to foster a fully supportive environment for the process of healing.  Whether it was to help identify a need or correct fit with patient to practitioner or simply to respond thoughtfully and within my scope of experience with anecdotes, welcomed advice or encouragement.  I used this opportunity to enhance my listening skills and to receive the lessons that can be learned from being present with people who are seeking information to support themselves in their healing.

One topic for debate between myself and the ND I worked for (who I also consider a mentor) was the discussion about supplements and diet modifications and their limitations for the average person.  I have always felt a heightened sensitivity to a laundry list of ‘to dos’ as it is in my nature to become overwhelmed with a regiment that seems unsustainable when life gets busy or difficult as it so often does. Not to mention as someone who does not have benefits and lives within small means and has most of her life - I am especially sensitive to the idea that perhaps only the ‘wealthier’ population can truly benefit from alternative medicine.  For example; we had a mother come in with her son who was displaying many severe symptoms of ADHD.  Indeed he was definitely suffering from deficiencies and food sensitivities and these lifestyle changes were conducive to his healing.  However, knowing her financial limitations I felt a great deal of empathy for her.  To not only have to purchase several supplements but to also have to dive into a restrictive diet - when life already seemed hectic and chaotic, felt a little ambitious.  We did indeed offer a variety of homeopathic remedies within our clinic, however these conversations helped me distinguish my beliefs from others to help define how I would operate as a practitioner.  What I have come to love about homeopathy is how simple and effective it can be when matched correctly.  There is something to be said about paying attention to the details and finding synchronicity between the patient and medicine.  Also the concept or term ‘essence’ allows for the healing to work multidimensionally, leaving room for other modalities and emotional work to compliment what the body already knows how to do once initiated or reminded.  My personal experience with homeopathics has been effortless overall and has yielded wonderful results within my own body as well as my family.

In terms of my professional goals I have often naturally found myself in supporting roles.  However over the last few years I have done more and more work within myself to allow the idea that I too have the potential and ability to be a practitioner.  I would like to settle into a practice that will utilize my ability to connect with people.  Dr Joe Kellerstein made a comment in one of your promotional videos that landed deep within my heart. He commented that never will a patient find a practitioner so interested in every detail of their life as a Homeopathic Practitioner.  To be able to spend a significant amount of time with someone, to listen deeply, to reflect with them and then to set out on a journey that is rooted in mutual respect and understanding between patient/client and practitioner is a gift.  When I close my eyes and imagine what I want to do with my life - this type of human connection is my ideal.  

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