"Before long I became hooked, realizing that homeopathy is the most profound and versatile healing modality I had ever encountered."

From Anat S., Boulder, Colorado

The small and thin book was resting on the reduced price book rack in my favorite health food store. The title, “The Biochemic Handbook” sounded intriguing enough and the price of a few dollars was just too hard to resist. After all, much of my self-education in nutrition, supplements and non-allopathic medicine, my favorite reading topic in my spare time, started by finding an intriguing title on a book shelf. The small investment of buying a book usually led me to useful discoveries and added to my ever expanding self-healthcare toolbox.

Ever since my early 20s I have been interested in alternative ways to support first my own health, and eventually the health of my family. My interest grew out of frustration with medical doctors and the belief that one should take the responsibility for their own health. The more I learned, the more I could see the faults of modern medicine practice. By the time my twins were toddlers, I was ready and able to address their healthcare needs almost entirely without resorting to medical drugs.

So I checked out with the book in my bag and set out to read it later that week. The little booklet was intriguing- in it I found concise, simple instructions on how to resolve countless health conditions with 12 substances that had the weirdest sounding names I have ever seen. Puzzled, I googled the names and to my surprise, they were homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathy hadn’t made a very good impression on me a few years back, when I tried to help my daughter’s hay fever with a homeopathic remedy recommended by a local health food store. It didn’t seem to help her and I concluded homeopathy was a hoax. But the information in this little handbook was too compelling to dismiss, so I started buying tissue cell salts and experimenting with them. Before long I became hooked, realizing that homeopathy is the most profound and versatile healing modality I had ever encountered.

In my first few months of experimenting with homeopathy, I was trying to treat my daughter’s painful stomach cramps she was having one day while we were driving around town. When the pain started, I stopped at the local health food store, decided on Tabacum after consulting with the store’s Boiron guide and proceeded to repeat the remedy every 10-15 min as the waves kept coming. I had no idea how often to dose and thought  that this is what needs to be done in emergency. She somehow recovered later despite my hammering her body with repeated doses. I learned then that overdosing even in emergency is not a great idea. The following year, we were spending the holiday season overseas, visiting our family. On New Year’s Eve my son came down with the flu and a high fever. There was no way I could get a local doctor to visit him that evening. It seemed like a textbook case of Belladonna, but I still studied multiple websites and materia medica to make sure it’s a good fit. I found a homeopathic pharmacy that was still open that evening and rushed to pick up a tube of Belladonna 15c. My son’s temperature came down dramatically and without recurring the next evening. He was good to fly 3 days later and since then, I never travel without my homeopathic travel kit.

There were many more successes later, like treating bone fractures, healing an abscessed tooth, providing relief to a friend’s UTI before she could get to see a doctor , resolving my son’s heatstroke, and dissolving my neighbor’s painful hematoma. So I’d have to say, that unassuming handbook was my most successful ‘investment’ so far. Knowing homeopathy became an invaluable tool for my family’s health.

It makes me chuckle sometimes to think about how enthusiastically I adopted homeopathy. I am a born skeptic, cultivating and honing my skepticism over many years of academic and industrial research. I love science and its mathematical models to natural phenomena.  But as an experimentalist researcher I learned I can only trust results, not pre-conceived notions or ideas. So as I experimented with homeopathy and saw its, sometimes astounding, effects, my love and passion for homeopathy grew.

Homeopathy is an intriguing mystery. I am sure I am not the only one who believes it holds a key to unlocking new and profound revelations in biology, physics and medicine one day, despite the disinformation spread around by its critics.  To be part of a community that can contribute to this is an exciting proposition for me. After years of learning about homeopathy as a hobby, at this junction in my life, I realized that my passion for alternative health and learning should outgrow its ‘hobby’ status. I decided to take the first step to join this community and embark on a new path by enrolling with CCHM. There is a lot of work that still needs to be done, from sustaining a thriving practitioner community, to honing in a repeatable system to treat difficult chronic conditions homeopathically (where allopathic medicine often fails miserably). While I can’t predict where this path will take me, I do know that my background in engineering, scientific research and business will serve as valuable assets as I explore it.

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