It is my wish to become a Homeopath because I am strongly convinced that homeopathic remedies restore good health and homeostasis in the body, while treating the whole organism.

From Joanna M., Toronto

It is my wish to become a Homeopath because I am strongly convinced that homeopathic remedies restore good health and homeostasis in the body, while treating the whole organism. Not all conventional treatments can capture more subtle aspects of disease and at times the patient may not be receiving optimal treatment. Moreover, homeopathic remedies are derived from all natural and sustainable sources. Their consumption and production occur without harsh effect on environment. They are efficiently prepared through the process of dilution and dynamization and are required only in very small quantities, making them available to many more people worldwide. I see it as a duty now and, in the future, to increase this awareness through education and successful treatment. I made “a wide circle” around understanding of homeopathy through personal experiences and came to the realization that repeated, and reliable sources of information are needed.

The very first time I came across homeopathy and homeopathic remedies was in 1995, in a natural health store in Toronto. In Poland where I lived until the age of 17 (1991), the only natural form of remedy which was known to me and my family at that time were dried herbs and herbal preparations, available at pharmacies and a few herbal stores. This has changed since with respect to a greater variety of products available and the emergence of more natural health stores.

Some years later, I landed a summer job at the Naturopathic Institute in the reception where along with regular front desk duties, I also had to pull remedies from the shelves as prescribed by the doctors. The variety far surpassed what I had previously encountered in the health food stores. There were herbal and homeopathic products, of unknown to me brands. Patients were coming mostly with chronic conditions and their appointments with the doctor took longer than what I was used to. It was such a pleasure to hear positive feedback from patients. This was my first opportunity to see herbal and homeopathic remedies applied in combination.

A few months following graduation from York University, I found employment with Meditech Rehabilitation Centre in a laser therapy position. I have been with Meditech company to this day and look forward to resuming my duties as soon as global pandemic restrictions loosen up. My work with Low Intensity Laser Therapy has been very focused, and at the same time, different from what I had experienced at physiotherapy clinics. I do see a need and also a possibility of combining laser therapy with homeopathy in some conditions or use on its own, with best outcomes for the patients in mind. To give a few examples, I had treated a patient using laser therapy for migraines and whiplash injury, while this patient also had received homeopathic care from a homeopath some time ago for severe anxiety caused by death of close family member. The two therapies, even though commencing apart from one another, proved to be highly effective and the patient was able to function professionally. In the case of this patient, if all aspects were not addressed timely, the symptoms would have likely fueled one another, and prolonged the recovery process. Other examples, where combination treatments were applied – laser therapy and homeopathy - include: my personal treatment, my mother’s treatment, and two cats (one with what was originally classified as ‘seizures’ and the other one recovering from deadly side effects post-surgery for struvite crystals), as well as successful purely homeopathic treatments received by my friends and their families. These homeopathic treatments proved helpful to those suffering from anxieties, tumors, and on occasion or two from adverse effects from other interventions.

In my second year studying naturopathy at the college in Poland, I had one semester lesson in homeopathy. This is where I closed “my circle” and thought to myself that now - I am ready! Given my over eighteen years combined clinical experience, as well as education and interests in natural ways of healing, I would very much appreciate the opportunity to study homeopathy in depth and become a homeopath.

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