Injury, Trauma & Surgery

Note: For serious cases, please contact a professional Homeopath


The single most important remedy for trauma and bruises. Marked soreness, tender to touch or pressure, bed feels too hard, feels as if beaten.

Worse: Jarring. Touch of pressure. Cold

Specific circumstances for Arnica:

·         Black eyes from blow. Hyphemia (blood in anterior chamber of eye in front of iris)

·         Post surgical bruising in face-lifts and rhinoplasty

·         Epistaxis after a blow to the nose

·         Dental procedures

·         Surgical trauma with marked extravasation

·         Labor and delivery

·         Sore muscles

Note- never put topical Arnica on broken skin for it can cause marked irritation.

Bellis Perennis

Especially for deep trauma and bruises: deep muscle injuries, abdominal or pelvic trauma and surgery, Sore, bruised pains etc. Also a remedy for injuries and inflammation of nerves.

Worse: warm bathing. Cold drinks. Becoming cold.

Better: Cold applications to part

Specific circumstances for Bellis perennis:

·         Surgery with marked trauma to soft organs.

·         Blunt trauma to abdomen or pelvis with contused organs.

·         Traumatic arthritis or laborers, truck drivers, etc.

·         Nerve injuries with soreness and intolerance of cold bathing.


Both major and minor trauma to any tissue. Bruising and aching so he can hardly lie still, but each movement hurts.

Worse: Motion, even slight motion. Jarring

Better: Firm pressure. Lying on the part.


Bruises with excruciating pains and marked, often pitting edema. Mottled purplish bruising with excessive swelling. Injured parts feel icy cold to touch. Cellulitis following injury, extending upwards.

Worse: Heat or warm applications.

Better: Ice cold applications, can hardly stand to remove the cold

For routine injuries, it is often better to use a moderate potency (12C, 30C, 200C) rather than a high potency.  Higher potencies are better reserved for injuries severe enough to affect the whole organism.

For example, a ‘black eye’ is better treated with a 30C; a concussion is better dealt with by a 200C (or even a 10M in a life threatening situation).  All normal first-aid techniques apply in homeopathy – we use the same ice, elevation, compression, etc., as our allopathic colleagues.

Tinctures of homeopathic remedies are a useful adjunct to treatment.  There are several important tinctures we can recommend.

ARNICA TINCTURE (also available as a lotion or cream)

·         Used for any strain, contusion, sore muscles.

·         Topical Arnica does not interfere with constitutional remedies. 

·         Avoid putting topical Arnica into an open wound.


CALENDULA TINCTURE (also available as a lotion, cream or ointment)

·         Primarily used as an antiseptic for any wound, abrasion, sore. 

·         Also a useful hemostatic – it halts bleeding from wounds in preparation for suturing.

·         Promotes healing of wounds

·         Relieves minor skin irritations: Sunburns, First degree burns, Diaper rash, Chapped skin or lips (use the cream or ointment)

·         Abrasions, skin ulcers, bedsores benefit from the ointment (the lotion or tincture is best not left in open wounds as the alcohol can be irritating.

·         Corneal abrasion (dilute the tincture in sterile water)

·         Poultices soaked in Calendula tincture can be used for hemorrhoids and applied to the genital area after childbirth.


·         Apply after extensive crushing injuries of fingertips or other nerve-                                        rich areas to relieve severe pain.

·         For conjunctivitis or eye irritation after foreign bodies (dilute                                      tincture with sterile water).  We must make certain that the foreign                                   body has been completely removed.


·         Wounds, especially bites and puncture wounds.

·         First remedy for stings – use full strength

·         Best remedy for spider bites.




Other Important Remedies for Bruises and Blunt Trauma


Trauma when accompanied by great fright or terror.


Crushing injuries to fingertips (Hyper.)


Shock following injury.

Weakness and coldness after major injury such as car accident.


Injuries and contusions, especially of glands – testes, breasts, etc.


Bleeding inside the eye after trauma.


Bruises and contusions which are exquisitely sensitive to touch.

Tendency to suppurate in the injured spot.


Injuries to areas rich in nerves – fingers, tongue, genitals.


Serious bruises with throbbing, pulsing pains.

Bruise swells and turns a dark purple or even black colour.


Trauma resulting in hemorrhages – nose, lungs, rectum, etc.

A specific remedy for the effects of falling from a height.


Bruises swell and throb.

Pain changes location and character often.

Worse: allowing the leg to hang down. (Calc., Vip.)




Bruises to periosteum, where bone is close to surface – tibia, iliac crest, olecranon (elbow)


Crushing injuries to hands and feet with black discoloration.

Threatened gangrene after trauma.


After Arnica has acted acutely, Sulphuric acid removes the remaining ecchymosis and stiffness.

A specific remedy for bleeding inside the eye after trauma (Ham.)

Frequent, or even unexplained bruises.

Gangrene after injuries.


Specific remedy for blunt trauma to the eyeball – not the orbit.


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