I really believe that homeopathy is my “missing piece”.



From Christine J., RMT, BSc.(Kin), Langley, BC


My first direct experience with homeopathy was in 2015. One of my massage clients at the time was a homeopath & we got to chatting about some of the things she has found & what her methodology & practice was. In this first case it was to treat 1 of my dogs who had been going through some minor health issues at the time. Right away I thought it was a pretty cool modality, & so effective with animals & people. Then in 2016 I got necrotizing pneumonia and was sick for months. I had been on numerous rounds of IV antibiotics but nothing was getting rid of the infection completely. I went to my friend to see if she could help someway in the healing process. She formulated a remedy and within a few weeks I had a totally clean chest X-Ray. I knew at that time I was very interested in homeopathy, but at that point in my life I was not able to pursue it.


As the years have gone by and the more people's physical and emotional bodies I have treated, my personal belief in health has shifted somewhat. Over the years I have come to experience & truly believe that our bodies are amazing machines & more complex than we can imagine. I also believe that our bodies have the innate ability to heal itself, but at times we just need to get out of the way or give it a little help to facilitate things. As I was discovering this more in my practice I started to explore courses in Visceral Manipulation and the Craniosacral systems, which both further fed into my beliefs.


Even though I love my current work and have built an amazing practice, I have started feeling as though there is something missing. I have been feeling this way for over a year, so have been taking more advanced courses to see if that will quench my thirst for the missing piece. A few weeks ago I was chatting with another client & she had mentioned homeopathy. I have to admit, as soon as she said it, it was as though a lightbulb went off. I started researching the profession & never once have doubted that this is the direction of my next career. I think there is such a compliment to my practice & the relationships I have been building. I really believe that homeopathy is my “missing piece”.



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