"I look forward to being a beacon of light both as a student and class mate, and furthermore, going out into the world sharing the benefits of Homeopathic care to others."


From Gallian B., Milton, Ontario

I am following the path of becoming a Professional Homeopath as all roads and ‘arrows’ have led me to this decision. I have clarity in knowing that, this is what I need to be pursuing.  n the process of applying and moving ahead, I am positive that this is a profession that I have been destined to study, practice, and master.  With an open heart and a passion to learn, excitedly move into this next chapter in my life, ready to immerse myself into the Homeopathic world.  My interest in natural, Alternative Health is something that has always been a passion of mine; acquiring knowledge for personal application (family and self) as well as professionally as a facilitator of health for others. As life leads, am following in anticipation and very much looking forward to the opportunity to fully apply myself to pure Hahnemannian Homeopathy.

My becoming a Mother was a major turning point in my life, and things began for me in a real way at the age of 17. I was guided through the birth of my son, with the presence and support of 3 generations of women in my Family alongside my Midwives. The experience changed the course of my life. Having the care and attention of the team of midwives meant the chance for me to avoid the medical way that was presented as the ‘only way’. I began to care for myself and my son in a conscious, natural way and my gut instincts leading the way from there.

I am passionate about health. I am passionate about helping others. I love building relationships and connecting with others. I have a heart for young mothers, maternity care, children, as well as family health. I am a good-natured person with pride in having an open mindset, positive vibes, listening and being there for others, doing all while exuding love! It is very contagious- in an amazing way!  These qualities I feel will be reflected in the excellent care I provide as a Homeopath while connecting with clients, colleagues, and professional contacts.  This opportunity to study Homeopathy is sure to be life transforming; providing a solid therapeutic approach and method to share and facilitate positive change for others.

What I do know is that Homeopathy works, as it provides a safe method to incite healing within the body. It is all about getting to the root of ‘what is going on with me’ by allowing the bodies vital energy to get moving and truly creating a better foundation of health. Your body knows what to do and what is in your best interest from there. This is where the healing is; taking place on all levels, inclusive of physical, emotion, and psychological aspects. I love the holistic approach to looking at and treating the whole person to uniquely address their road to health and healing.  As a homeopath, I will be able to discover with my clients what makes them unique and the areas of healing that can be supported. What intrigues me the most about this profession is the ability to ‘dig in’ and play a vital detective role in finding out exactly what area needs to be addressed specifically for that individual --discovering where the energy is 'off' or out of balance. I love that Homeopathic Care is focused on the whole picture.  The whole person is taken into consideration and lasting healing is provided through Homeopathic Remedies which address each individual’s unique picture. I eagerly dedicate myself to ‘go deeper’ to allow change on all levels for myself and those I have the privilege of working with.

The choice to study with CCHM, after much research, was chosen for a few reasons and is best described in their Key School Values, which are:

Passion, Excellence, Community. Having been to the Information Sessions and had all my questions thoroughly addressed and answered; what I experienced is that CCHM truly shows their dedication to each student and to that of the School’s Core Values. Beyond having the most comprehensive curriculum being offered with the hands-on practical skills training; I really felt the heart and kindness extended while meeting everyone and being in the school.  I am very much anticipating a wonderful connection with both staff and students over the next 3 years. Many thanks in advance!

My husband, family and friends are me cheering on, in unanimous agreement that I have always been 'meant to be' a Homeopath and Healer for others. I am following my heart, and my instinct has led me to a career path in service to others, as a trained Homeopath.

My son is entering his 3rd year at OCAD U in Toronto.  H continues to inspire me to go after my dreams and he could not be more proud of my choice in taking the actions to make them happen. I have set a goal and intention in this direction for both my own personal development as well as to continue to show him and others how amazing it feels and what it looks like to stay true to who You are and what You are here to accomplish. Have the guts to go get and work hard for what you would like out of life. The art and science of Homeopathic Medicine is my area of interest and passion; I have much to study and am committed in this life long growth and pursuit of knowledge. I choose to practice Homeopathy as it is the most complete, gentle mode of healing in both my opinion and personal experiences. I resonate with the fundamental principles and in its awe inspiring simple system of medicine. There is so much to learn and as of September, I will be diving into all that Homeopathy, in its purest form, has to offer. It is exciting beyond measure.

I look forward to being a beacon of light both as a student and class mate, and furthermore, going out into the world sharing the benefits of Homeopathic care to others.

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