As I have deepened my own journey with homeopathy, I am seeing the potential for a way to support another avenue of bringing people back to their own nature...

From Jennifer L., Portland

There are 2 primary things that draw me to homeopathy.  (And perhaps thousands of other supporting ideas that support these two main points.)  The first is my personal experience with homeopathy, the second my desire to make this potent and gentle technology more available in the world. 

1) I have always appreciated homeopathy.  It has been part of my life in some way for the last 25 years.  When I had a farm, homeopathy was my first go-to when one of my (38!) animals were in need of support.  I knew very little about the remedies but had a handful of farm friendly remedies that I almost always made a difference for my critters, even with my extremely clumsy and lazy application.  I loved knowing that I could help them without hurting them.  In my own house, I always had remedies around.  I used them and had varying success, knowing very little about protocols, potencies etc.  But as I look back, I don’t think I’ve had a day in the last 25 years that I didn’t have some remedies near me, at hand.  In the last year, I began working with a health coach to boost my immune system and heal and renew my microbiome.  One of her tools is homeopathy.  She is really the first person that gave me some more sophisticated guidelines about how to choose and use remedies.  I started to marvel at how quickly and how completely things could change with a remedy.  One day, I was running down the steep concrete steps in front of my house to catch an Uber.  I tripped and fell down the last few steps.  I twisted my ankle, torn open my jeans when I landed hard on the sidewalk.  For the next couple of hours, I was struck by how strongly my system was in a trauma response.  I have a lot of very good tools for meeting discomfort in my body, so I was surprised that I couldn’t quiet this response on my own.  I knew I needed more support.  So I texted the health coach.  She gave me a list of remedies to try.  I took the first one and the second it hit my tongue, my body started to relax.  I was startled by how clear this response was.  The next thing I noticed was the my left ankle (the one I twisted) started a pleasant tingling sensation.  I could literally feel the healing mechanisms wake up and go to work.  I spent the rest of the day marveling at the precise and beautiful response of my body going place to place working of the repairs of the places that were rattled in the fall.  My anxiety and shaking subsided within a few minutes of my first dose.  My ankle was a sparkling ball of light by the end of the day.  And I didn’t have a single bruise.  I usually bruise pretty easily.  And this was the hardest fall I have had in many years.  By the end of this day, my fondness for homeopathy had turned into a kind of wondrous hunger to learn more.  I have dabbled now for the last 9 months or so in the clumsiest of ways.  And have marveled at the speed and deep healing that homeopathy can provide… with allergies, with cold and flu, with sore muscles and chronic pain, with headaches and even hormone imbalance.  And all this support with me having so little knowledge.  I am in awe.  I have just begun my first deeper reach into a constitutional remedy search with Dr. Ayoubzadeh.  My fondness turned into a wondrous hunger to learn and now is sparking into a full on passion.  I had no idea the power of homeopathy to bring us back to our nature in a bigger context.  Until now, my journey with homeopathy has been almost exclusively limited to acute applications.  As I begin this journey to heal my deepest split, an existential crises and conflict of embodiment…. I begin to tear up to think that there are ways to support even these deepest places, a place I have spent my entire life working to heal.  It’s is almost unbearably beautiful to me that a medicine could touch me this deeply.  And of course, now I want that for everyone that I work with (actually everyone, everyone, whether I know them or not!)

2) I have spent my career helping people come home to a new way of being in harmony with their bodies.  In this journey, it has been my profound desire to be able to touch as many layers of the complexity of these beautiful beings as possible.  I have studied extensively in structure, trauma, emotions, psychology, energy, fascia and communication within the body.  The privilege of touching hundreds of bodies over the years has offered me so many glimpses into the nature of healing, of the magic of the human body and glimpses into the secrets of the universe.   Over the years, I have come to trust the wisdom of each individuals body as we work together.  I have learned that each body knows exactly the path back to its own wellness and if we can listen with great care, delicacy and patience, it will show us exactly where we need to go.  The tools I have stumbled into over the years are powerful, profound and really support lasting healing and change.  I have been so humbled by this journey.  As I have deepened my own journey with homeopathy, I am seeing the potential for a way to support another avenue of bringing people back to their own nature.  The principles of homeopathy match my current practice so completely.  The language, the mechanism, the vital force that homeopathy utilizes… I am already working deeply with these entities. To add this sophisticated language of homeopathy feels like touching a layer that I can’t quite reach with my hands and my presence.  That we let the mystery do the work, to show us a solution that we could never have seen with our own preconceptions. This way of healing is such a strong counterpoint to our prevailing medical paradigm. It is one of my missions in this life to remind people of their own inner authority, of their nature, their essence as the most trustworthy source of information for their own wellness and journey.  I believe homeopathy is one of the strongest tools for helping people find their health and wholeness that is available to us.  And I am excited to see what plans it has in store for our collaboration together!





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