I can’t wait to start my journey with CCHM!

From Samia K., Nampula, Mozambique – our first student in Africa!

Why homeopathy?  I imagine myself as a person who dedicates herself to her passions and homeopathy has become that passion for me. Something that I truly want to study, and through the right channels...!

2 years back my youngest child fell sick, he was diagnosed with pneumonia, and we ended up spending 8 days at the hospital, 3 of which my son spent in ICU. They were the most horrible days of my life. The doctor had no words of reassurance, we were asked to wait it out, and wait it out we did.

My son finally did get discharged from the hospital but his health had taken a turn for the worst. He started falling sick every now so often. His immune system had taken a nose dive and I was sick of sitting at the clinic waiting for the doctor to prescribe combination antibiotic for my 2 year old every week which were messing up his immune system even more.

That was when I started searching for a parallel means of treatment since I was well aware of the havoc antibiotics wreak on our immune system.

I searched for the best homeopaths around. I was in India back then, staying with my in-laws. Finally I was able to find a good homeopath in Jhalandar Punjab. His clinic was a good 8 hours from my place, but I called him and he took Saadat (my son) in as a patient.

After that, it was only homeopathy for me. I got wonderful results out of it. Where other doctors would prescribe heavy medicines, homeopathy was doing wonders using little sweet sugar balls, which my son was happy to take...! No more crying about the bitter taste of medicines either!

I decided back then that i wanted to know more about this field. I was curious about this line of treatment that hasn’t received its rightful place in the field of medicine.

I don’t have certificates to back me up for my academic love because I got married when I was just 18 and fresh out of secondary school.  Since then it has been pregnancy after pregnancy and travelling around the world , bouncing between three countries. Now after 10 years it’s finally time to take a breath as my kids have moved out of diapers. Now I can be ambitious about allotting some time to myself for progressive studies, and I am stepping out on to this branch of treatment that I love to learn and read about. Homeopathy is something I really believe in.

Reading is yet another passion of my life: leave me with a book and I'm a happy person.  I love to read and that is one more reason why I know I can do this. Even without being a student I wander onto a lot of homeopathy blogs, trying to make sense of all the information that is out there, there is so much to read.

Even thought of buying myself some basic homeopathy books but I want to learn the right way, from the beginning till the end. From someone who is learned in this field.

I’ve met quite a few homeopaths in my life, but most of them self-taught and treating the diseases just by their names, never truly diving into the person as an individual, into the underlying problems, or into his or her other symptoms.  I’ve also seen homeopathy failing miserably to but alongside I have come face to face with examples of homeopaths who excelled so much in their field that people trust them for their unbeatable method of choosing just the right remedies for their patients.

I want to become such a homeopath myself.  Being pointed in the right direction is the only way for me to start this journey, and so I searched for the best homeopathic institute and came across many , but going through CCHM’s website and noticing that the faculty had some famous names like Dr. Kellerstein, I was hooked! I can’t wait to start my journey with CCHM, if I may! I really hope I can hop on and become a part of this college’s student body through the distance learning program!

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