"I believe there is no need to struggle in life and I uphold the path of least resistance- flowing in the direction life energy wants to flow."

From Anca L., Cambridge, ON.

For most of my life, I didn't even know that homeopathy existed. I believe I first heard about it when I started having panic attacks sometime in 2011, related to a stressful situation at work. I did some research on the subject and found out about Bach flower remedies, which proved helpful.

More recently, I found out, from a teaching of Eileen McKusick, that water has memory, is highly suggestible and retains information, and the reason why we don't know this is likely for the need to discredit homeopathy and be forced to uphold the standard model of chemical and mechanical medicine instead. That rang very true to me. I also had the opportunity to experience that some ovary issues I had for years cleared on their own after I had been inhaling some homeopathic medicine prescribed by a nutritionist.

But the real reason why I want to become a homeopath, is because I sense (and have always been a highly sensitive person and an empath) that life is governed by laws that show up all around us and i am under the impression that the standard model of healthcare and medicine is just not compatible with those laws.

For example, I believe in the law of karma. I believe that like attracts like, and gets along with like. I believe that if 2 biological electro-magnetic systems  were not vibrating on the same frequency, they would have never met or been allowed by universal life force to interact. I also believe that the universal life force is friendly and is intended to support us in where we are meant to go. I believe nature is meant to be a human's home, as the human body is nature, itself, and made up mostly of water molecules. I believe there is no need to struggle in life and i uphold the path of least resistance- flowing in the direction life energy wants to flow. I believe in living in harmony, inside of ourselves as well as with the natural world around us, and I believe all life is meant to be harmonious. There is nothing harmonious about the current standard system of medicine, which i believe has become just a business, aimed at making profit off of people's misunderstanding of what a healthy lifestyle is supposed to look like. I believe in the oneness of all life and the electrical universe theory rings very true to me. I strongly feel like homeopathy fits all of my core belief system and is coherent and harmonious with life itself and with how I want to live my life, and upholds the same principles i uphold. It's something i could actually feel proud of practicing, as well as in integrity with myself, and a way to help others and meaningfully contribute to people's lives. I find it to be an ethical profession with meaning and value and true life purpose, rather than just a survival career with economic purpose only.

I am deeply fascinated with homeopathy and other non-invasive healing therapy methods, like massage, reiki, vibrational sound therapy using tuning forks or singing bowls, and I am so excited and so grateful for the opportunity to be able to learn more about it and become a practitioner, one day soon!

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