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  • I wanted to email you to let you know that i am FINALLY a registered homeopath! It took awhile, but I finally made it. I just wanted to thank you so much for all your support, encouragement and kindness. The constant support you gave me through the years I was...
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  • This is my testimony about the live classes at CCHM. Date: 8-15-19 My first experience with homeopathy was the immediate eradication of mastitis. Then I took our 5 kids. I felt called to homeopathy to share healing that I had experienced and tell my fellow man, woman and child about...
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  • "I sooo enjoyed Kim's class. He took a dry insipid subject and made it very very interesting. He is a wonderful teacher. I enjoyed it a lot and I will have to review it a few times to catch all the little pearls he shared. Thank you again for the wonderful class. Sincerely, Cristina."

  • I am quite impressed with the program at CCHM. I was able to catch up easily with the online format and join my class before the end of the first term. Homepathy is exactly what I was looking for to fill the gap in my practice, it will allow me...
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  • Thank you for this most exceptional experience (as I wipe my tears..). I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for this privilege to study with such exceptional teachers, students and administration. What a gift and a blessing. As Voltaire said “with great privilege comes great responsibility”. I...
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  • I am taking the opportunity to thank Andrea for thoroughly reviewing with me the best practice for selecting  “key symptoms” and how to repertorize them accordingly.  Analysis - paralysis can sometimes be a tendency when  a student, particularly a student with a very detail-oriented and analytical mind.  Also, I very much...
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  • Thank you for a wonderful weekend. The perspective of case taking that we learned this weekend was exactly what we needed at this stage of our homeopathy training. I will always appreciate and be grateful to you for showing me this path.

  • “The post grad course has been a tremendous experience for me which nourished and enriched what I learnt during my homeopathic training. It is a well-structured and thorough program with great lecturers who were delightful. I also must say that keeping in touch with my former classmates and listening to...
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  • I've finished the video cases - they were great, I learned so much and Monica was such a positive resource.  I really felt she cared about how I was doing and guided me without making me feel incompetent.

  • This Acute role play course was such a great learning experience and also a lot of fun! The actors were playing their patient roles so well.  And the learning experience is not over for me because I took a lot of notes for every case and after submitting my own...
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“I attended a Sunday training at CCHM and thoroughly enjoyed the material and the instructor. I value the emphasis on classical training as a foundation…”

Jacquelyn M., Ann Arbour, Michigan.

I first learned about homeopathy from Dr. Molly Keys, ND. One of my dearest friends, Molly pursued a naturopathy degree and practices as a classical homeopath specializing in care for children and families. Whenever I visited Molly, I would browse her homeopathy books and often when we spoke on the phone or emailed she would share with me her experience as a practitioner. I had learned about other forms of energy medicine, but none seemed as rich, surprising, and frankly peculiar as homeopathy. I loved reading about provings and successful cases.

When I began struggling with chronic migraines and back trouble, which I intuited were linked to deeper emotional and energetic entanglements, I turned to homeopathic treatment for myself. Over the past ten years, I have worked with six different classical homeopaths. Often a remedy would help for a period of time, even up to a year, but then stop working while the migraines continued to worsen. I turned for a time to modern allopathic migraine treatments, but discovered that they soon made the migraines intractable and resistant to all treatment. I stopped allopathic treatment and am now confident that I have found my similimum.

I am still not sure why this journey proved so difficult, despite working with reputable homeopaths and despite my remedy being very common. Along the way, I believe I learned some things about homeopathic treatment through my own experience that would be more difficult to understand in the abstract. Of course, I also had the opportunity to experience the different styles and techniques of six classical homeopaths.

In 2009, I took a very intensive one-year course in breathwork facilitation while living in Australia. Although I had learned some energy work for self-treatment, this experience was the first time I began to recognize myself as a healer. I was very successful in the course and later began a part-time breathwork practice, first in Portland, Oregon, and now in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The style of breathwork I do is very intensive, and not for everyone. Given that, and the fact that few people in North America have heard of breathwork at all, it has been a challenge to grow the practice.

I had considered studying homeopathy in the past, but had not seen a program that would be financially and geographically feasible for me until I came across CCHM’s distance education diploma program. I relish an intellectual challenge and I love that the program is self-paced. I attended a Sunday training at CCHM as a prospective student and thoroughly enjoyed the material and the instructor. I value the emphasis on thorough classical training as a foundation for any style of homeopathic practice.

Still, the decision has not come easily for me. Given the challenges I have had in building a breathwork practice, I have wondered whether my homeopathic practice would similarly struggle. However, while the deep listening and intuitive skills I developed as a breathworker are, I believe, transferrable to homeopathic practice, there are important differences in the two forms of healing. While intensive breathwork is physically and emotionally rigorous, and therefore not suitable for everyone, I believe nearly everyone can benefit from quality homeopathic treatment. While breathwork is very powerful and in some cases supports very profound healing, from what I have researched, homeopathy may reach even deeper, yet in a gentler fashion.

Through the lens of my long-term Buddhist practice, I tend to see all healing modalities as integrated with spiritual growth in their fullest potential. From this perspective, I understand homeopathic treatment to have the capacity to touch the deepest truths in a being and to support each being to come into a wholeness from which they can continue to deepen in truth. This potential is what most inspires me to seek homeopathic training.

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