I am passionate about natural health and I live it with my family

From Anitra A., Calgary

I have been practicing Homeopathy for some time now and did not even realize it.  I am a mother of three children and a wife to a supportive husband of Homeopathic use.  Two of my children are elementary school-aged and my youngest is 8 months old.  I had all three children naturally, with midwifery care and my last daughter, I had at home.  When my children get sick I let them get sick.  I have always believed in the power of one’s body being able to heal itself, and more recently, seen the power of Homeopathic remedies when the body needs a bit of assistance.  When anyone in our household gets sick a “prescription” of rest, liquids, broths and Homeopathic remedies are all used to help heal the body back.

Recently, my interest in Homeopathy began to grow strongly when our family experienced a few consecutive colds and bugs that had been going around (this year seems to be especially different – maybe with the Covid – 19 virus as well).  I was able to see first hand how Homeopathy completely helped each individual family member in our household move through some illnesses.  I was actually quite shocked as to how quick the body healed and recovered when the appropriate remedy was given.  I am at a place in my life where I feel I could really benefit from learning more about Homeopathy.  I want to learn more.  My children are at a great age for me to learn and understand this science, as I will be faced with many opportunities to learn from them.  I also have my parents and my in-laws who are all aging.  I know my mother in particular, would love to know more about Homeopathy and use it where she can.

I am also a Certified Yoga Therapist, and my experience working with clients one on one has allowed me to experience working with the whole person.  Everything is taken into consideration.  What they say, how they look, how their body is moving and responding.  To be successful with Yoga Therapy, you work with your client by helping them relay to you what it is they are feeling.  The more information that you can pull from them, the better you are able to apply the appropriate stimulus for their body.  In the beginning of a program very small movements are given to the client.  While working with that person, assessment is continually being done and any changes or adjustments are applied to their program to help them improve.  I have successfully helped numerous clients get out of pain and discomfort.  I am currently helping myself successfully recover from the birth of my third child (pelvic floor strengthening and full body lengthening and strengthening).  

I am passionate about natural health and I live it with my family.  It is one of our most important Family Values and I want to learn more about a Science that is aligned with our Values.  My goal is to learn and then take my education and use it with my family and then share it with others.   This is why I am choosing to attend your Homeopathic Academic Institution.

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