How I Reached My Decision to Become a Homeopath

From Andrea S., RN, Niagara Falls

Over the years, I have gained experience in acute care, long term care and occupational medicine, nursing administration and education and Palliative Care. I worked my way through different aspects of being a nurse and found myself frustrated and unfulfilled.

I believe our bodies can heal themselves if given the appropriate focus. I support the body’s ability to fight illness/disease using its own immune system and then incorporate herbs and minerals from the plants to add the help the body may require. I believe in using the natural products of the earth as our ancestors had done because they are more pure and safer for us compared to the chemical compounds that traditional medicine promotes. Homeopathy I feel is the pathway for me to take in order to be able to support this type of healing. I have knowledge on how the healthy body functions and then the pathophysiology of the disease/illness and then once adding in chemicals how they affect the healthy body. I have found over the years working in the traditional medical field how most of the physicians are quick to order chemical medications, but these chemicals only manage the symptoms and not the root cause of the illness/disease. When a person becomes ill, the physician doesn’t realize they need to treat the whole person not only the illness.

How I decided to pursue becoming a Homeopath is concluding that I don’t like the philosophy of traditional medicine. Never did. I went into nursing because I wanted to help people feel better as a whole. However, as the years passed in my career and I changed different venues of my professional career, I never really did help the whole person. I tried doing this through Palliative Care, which was very rewarding, but then my career goals shifted again, and I went on to a different path.

I decided to take a break from nursing for a few months last year and pursued alternative therapies to become a Holistic Health Therapist, a Life Coach, a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field supporter and a Reiki Practitioner. I still feel like there is something missing though. I decided to go back to looking into Homeopathy, something that I was interested in at 25 years of age. Unfortunately, at that time, I was just married, bought a new home, planning a family and working three jobs so I did not have any extra time to pursue that path. Looking back now, I regret not going for it. Although, over the years I have gained much life experience and work experience that I feel would now assist in my career as a Homeopathic Practitioner.

I have always told clients/patients that traditional medicine only treats the symptoms of the illness/disease, it never really combats the root cause of it. This has been a major issue for me in my career. The human being has a multitude of factors that affect their daily living. Even the little simple things we take for granted can affect us. Most people do not realize that when they fall physically ill, the emotional and spiritual aspect of themselves is also affected. In traditional medicine, if they were to treat the whole person, that ill person would be seeing many physicians, each specializing in a certain area of the body. For example, if a person has diabetes, they would be seeing an endocrinologist, a cardiologist, possibly a urologist, maybe even a psychologist. Their illness then becomes their whole life. This does not provide a good quality of life.


I can only imagine how many other people out there are in this same predicament. Quality of life is so important to me that I want others to be able to enjoy their lives too. An illness does not need to take up a person’s whole world. It is only a minor part of it if treated appropriately. I believe this is what Homeopathy can do. (There is so much on the negative aspect that I can write about regarding my experiences as a nurse in the traditional medicine venue and what I have done to try to change it.)

Our bodies are magnificent in their design. Most people do not understand the abilities of our bodies unless they are put in a situation that causes them to go deep inside themselves psychologically and spiritually. We hear of these stories everyday on the people who have been ‘saved’ miraculously. This trait is in each one of us and it is important to be able to help people see and believe in themselves. I have seen in my traditional medical career of nursing how the body will change to adapt to any obstacle it comes up against. The body is an amazing creation that we can use to our advantage in healing – if given the appropriate assessment, treatments and medicines to help it. It is my belief that the traditional medical scientists do not understand the human body in ways it should be. There is a lot of research done on the body but with the big medical monopoly out there I believe the scientists’ hands are tied. I also feel that the traditional medical schools for physicians has swayed from the original Hippocratic Oath and the founders (of the medical schools) have now changed the Oath to support the trend of what they want the physicians to follow. So, technically, the physicians today cannot be blamed for not knowing what they should all know and incorporate into their practices – Homeopathy.

Homeopathy offers the true sense of healing. It treats the whole person, as an individual, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Homeopathy also concentrates on the person, not the illness/disease. It uses medicines that have no or minimal side effects, which I support in using, unlike the traditional medicines have.

By becoming a Homeopathic Practitioner, it will incorporate my beliefs and who I am as a healer into my practice that will help people maintain a good quality of life while treating their illness/disease with appropriate medicines and lifestyles that will not cause more harm than good. I feel that it is who I am.

Currently I am working in a diet clinic where I am using some of my alternative therapies knowledge to assist the clients with their weight loss. Again, my hands are tied on how much I can say or do because I still must follow the guidelines or policies of the clinic that are not in conjunction with my beliefs. I fight within myself spiritually, morally and ethically each day I work because I do not believe in a lot of the practices of the clinic and this wears on a person’s integrity.

I truly believe being a Homeopathic Practitioner I will be fulfilled as a healer and as a person.

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