How to Avoid the Giant Germ Fighting cold and flu by Kashka Kril-Atkins

We   homeopaths   are   strange   folk.   Now   that my daughter is in highs chool, I fondly remember preschool ‘play dates’ with her little buddies who were both infinitely endearing and infectious.  With a ragtag group of four regulars, the  odds  were  likely  that  at  least  one  would  be contagious with something.   And so,with the darkish  sense of humour appreciated by those  inmedicine,  I created  a game of tag in which I would dress up as a giant Germ and chase the wee ones around the house to squeals of glee.The giant Germ never won the game.I am afterall, a mom and a homeopath so it’s in my nature to not let germs win.

Let me share  some practical ways  in  which  homeopathy and holistic  nutrition can give you a competitive edge this cold & flu season, just as I let the kids out smart the giant Germ in those wonderfu lgames of tag.

It’s important to remember that your body is masterfully designed to defend itself and maintain balance, re- ferred to as homeostasis.  On any given day, our bodies are host  to trillions of germs that peacefully coexist, and in some cases are beneficial (i.e.the good gut flora in our digestive and intestinal system).   Infection alone  isn’t enough to make us ill. It’s the rapid and excessive multiplication of certain bacteria and  viruses  that  compromise health. The key is to supporty our body’s natural immune  system and allow it to do its work in keeping you strong, vibrant and enjoying life’s pleasures instead  of spending weeks this winter achy and miserable in bed. Just as plants flourish in optimal  conditions, disease  and illness take hold when the terrain creates optimal growing conditions.  Holistic nutrition, homeopathy and common sense  measures work  very effectively, incombination, to ensure  your inner terrain is balanced,  strong  and in hospitable to the giant Germ.

From  a holistic  nutritional view- point, if provided  the opportunity and the  right  raw  materials,  the  human body is extraordinary in its ability to resist  infection to cold & flu.  Starting each day with a cup of hot, pure water and fresh  lemon  is a gentle  method  of cleansing and supporting the liver in its efforts to detoxify the body and cleanse the  blood.    Water  and  hydration are critical to optimal health.We often forget to drink (water not wine) as the weather cools. Coffee and tea are actually dehydrating so for each cup consumed, remember to add a glass of water. Carbonated beverages, while tasty, actually suppress immunity and inhibit  the white blood cells’ ability  to be good soldiers  and  pursue  and  devour  foreign antigens  like bacteria and viruses that cause influenza and  cold  ‘rhino-viruses’.         

Research has shown that sugar actually  shuts  down the   immune    system for 3-5 hours!  In addition to eating thoughtfully and well, consider supplementing with a highquality Vitamin    C,   Vitamin D, and perhaps a probiotic and EFA:DHA formula  to support digestive health. Several ‘Immune Boost’ products are available for additional support. Two   of   my   favourites  are  Metagenics ‘ImmunoCore’  and  Douglas  Labs ‘A.H.C.C. Plus’ a mushroom derived extract.  Quality does matter when selecting supplements.

Nutrition is the foundation of a healthy immune system. Adequate rest and proper hygiene are also essential practical ways to optimize  your body’s  natural resistance to disease.  Wash hands frequently and if good old fashioned  soap and water aren’t available, EO makes an effective hand sanitizing gel combining  lavender  essen- tial oil, jojoba oil and vegetable glycerine.

So what  do you do if despite  your best efforts, you do succumb  to the giant Germ? Homeopathic medicine has a solid track record of over 200 years, in treating Influenza  and the  common  cold. For  example, Dr.T.A. McCann  in 1921 reported that  24,000  cases of flu were treated allopathically with a 28% mortality rate,while 26,000 cases of flu treated homoeopathically had a mortality  rate  of only 1% (The  HomeopathicTreatmentof Influenza,  Perko).   Homeopaths reported excellent  results treating patients during the outbreaks since H1N1 first hit the news. Homeopathy is uniquely  effective in treating infections, because the medicines are notoxic, bring rapid relief and are extremely safe for children and adults, even during pregnancy.

I guess that giant Germ isn’t so scary afterall.

Kashka Kril-Atkins is a homeopath and owner of BLUEPRINT Wholistic  Health, an Integrative Medicine Clinic and Shop located in midtown. For more information on holistic strategies for optimal health visit


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