Homeopathy to me is a potent discipline to help patients

Dr. Brendan McLaughlin (DC), Maitland, Florida.​​​​​​

Since embarking on my health education I have sought out treatments, methods and principles that allow the body to heal itself. This led me first to Chiropractic and then subsequently into Acupuncture. After digging deeper into Acupuncture and looking into the less taught aspects of Chiropractic I began to uncover the principles of our energetic body and the role that plays in our health. This has taken me down a path to a deeper understanding of energy, light and water within us and around us. It was the work of Gilbert Ling and Gerald Pollack that really piqued my interest in Homeopathy. If the structure of the water in our bodies determines function and health and if that water can store information, then Homeopathy to me is a potent discipline to help patients.

After practicing for several years combining my teachings in Chiropractic, Acupuncture and energy medicine- recent events have spurred me to dig even deeper into health, wellbeing and how our individual bodies are designed to work. The context of the patient- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual is pivotal in formulating an appropriate intervention for that patient. This is something that I believe has been lost- there is no one size fits all to health. Accurate assessment and prescription is of utmost importance. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves with the right inputs - managing symptoms for me is not medicine. This has driven me to look deeper into classical Homeopathy as a discipline to further help my patients.

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