Homeopathy in Dentistry: Finding the Root Cause

Dr. Gary Fortinsky is a general dental practitioner in Toronto and a graduate and fellow of the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy (FCAH). He also holds the CCH designation (Certified Classical Homeopath). His interest in alternative practices began in the 1990’s at dental school where he studied acupuncture with a certified acupuncturist and continued further studies with the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada. This lecture was face paced and filled with information on the homeopathic treatment of the acute dental situation and the remedies commonly used during routine dental visits. Dr. Fortinsky covered history taking, case analysis, remedy selection, and posology of cases involving common but serious dental complaints that every practitioner may face on a day to day basis. This was an opportunity to learn from a experienced professional with a solid classical homeopathic training. “Dr. Fortinsky... presented the cases completely from beginning to end so we could follow what happened and understand changes of remedies when that occurred. His cases were "real", not trimmed down to eliminate superfluous information that a practitioner might receive from a patient, but included all the bits so we could learn to extract what was important. He also included the many things patients will do during the course of a treatment that might interfere with a remedy and it was good to see how he persevered in spite of that with his treatment.” DC

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