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  • “The post grad course has been a tremendous experience for me which nourished and enriched what I learnt during my homeopathic training. It is a well-structured and thorough program with great lecturers who were delightful. I also must say that keeping in touch with my former classmates and listening to...
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  • I wanted to pass along some feedback from the weekend courses. Monica is wonderful, her presentation helped everyone in the class and her way of narrowing down the case symptoms was very helpful. Joe on Sunday introduced us to a way of studying the remedies that worked for me very...
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  • Lisa is a wonderful presenter and a fabulous teacher! Always a joy to attend anything she teaches about Homeopathy! Thank you, Virginia

  • I've finished the video cases - they were great, I learned so much and Monica was such a positive resource.  I really felt she cared about how I was doing and guided me without making me feel incompetent.

  • Hello, I wanted to say how much I loved Joan Weirs class. After spending the day with her my perspective was changed for the better. We need more Joan Weir through out our 3 year course, especially when trying to keep yourself together during 2nd and 3rd year. Also, today's...
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  • Since the first time I took extra credits in homeopathy, I noticed that the learning I had from CCHM was complete.  I had the basics, the knowledge, the know how that other homeopaths in my class were struggling with. I am grateful for the thorough homeopathic training I got at...
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  • Even thoough the homework seems the equivalent of writing a term paper each week,  I'm still enjoying the program immensely.  I'm very impressed at how well it's planned out, adding (what seems like, ha ha) a "simple step"  gradually,  covering particular remedies which turns out to be a properly timed review,...
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  • “This year was not only a challenge, but had unexpected obstacles. The faculty really pulled through with providing us with what we needed to keep things going. And here we are!  I think I speak for all the students when I say thank you to the CCHM team for helping us pull through...
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  • Hi Kim, my name is Martina and I was one of the post grad students you had this weekend for CCHM. Thank you!! Your teachings in the webinar were fascinating, invaluable, insightful and humbling. I have so much to learn!  --Martina M.

  • This was one of the most amazing lectures offered by CCHM (Kanan Patel’s Post Grad lecture, 2018)! I wasn't bored for 1 second; it was interactive, integrative, informative and absolutely mind-blowing...

Homeopathy Can Help Us In Old Age

From BW, Hamilton

My life has been uneventful health wise.... I think I went to the hospital twice in my life, once for a broken leg when I was four and about 6 months ago for kidney stones. I think I "woke up" to "modern" medicine and then searched for alternatives due to a number of issues, namely:

About 8 years ago my brother in law was dying of cancer. He was operated on and then given both chemotherapy and radiation. In his last couple of weeks of life, I stayed with my sister and helped my brother in law as he died slowly at home. What I saw was a barbaric attempt to save his life.... the burn marks from the radiation, the countless drugs and their horrible side effects... the pain and suffering that he went through before he passed.

 The doctors that treat our elderly residents at our nursing homes were either the few committed ones that care but many of them simply go through the motions without regard to quality of life. I did a study of the pharmaceuticals that were prescribed and I think the average number of drugs that our residents are on is around 10 or 11 different prescriptions. Again, the side effects and the cost to our health care system with no appreciable results or improvements in the quality of life.

 Just over two years ago, my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He went quickly and did not suffer much but the treatments that his doctors wanted him to go through without any real success were also an eye-opener.

 My mother is 83 and is on 8 different prescription medications. I attend her doctor’s appointments to be by her side and try to understand what they are treating. I think that 3 of the 8 drugs that she takes are simply drugs to lessen the side effects of the other 5 prescriptions. I don’t believe that this type of medicine is the best treatment for my mom and I think that big pharmacies and the majority of the medical profession are ignoring more gentle and natural alternatives to health care.

All of the above issues pointed me to a better alternative for health and the wonderful power of the human body to heal itself if stimulated the correct way. On a personal note, I was feeling run down about 6 months ago and went to my family physician. I told him I was tired and burnt out. He suggested anti-depressants! I refused this treatment and went to a homeopath who over the course of the last 6 months has revitalized my body with natural and homeopathic remedies. I am a believer and want to learn more about homeopathy and help others in a non-barbaric way.

My father always said that after a person dies, they are rarely remembered for how much money they had or the possessions that they acquired, instead they are usually remembered for the impact they had on others, good and bad.

It should be noted as well that my passion for this work once I graduate would be in service to elderly and palliative. I think that homeopathy would be an excellent alternative to the medical care that our geriatric population is receiving. I have seen too many of our residents suffering needlessly with pharmaceuticals and chemical interventions that simply mask the symptoms that they have.

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