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  • I am writing to express my gratitude for being able to attend and take part in your wonderful in class program at CCHM.  The whole process from beginning to end what a long one for me, but the last 3 years of class have flown by. Before choosing a school...
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  • Since the first time I took extra credits in homeopathy, I noticed that the learning I had from CCHM was complete.  I had the basics, the knowledge, the know how that other homeopaths in my class were struggling with. I am grateful for the thorough homeopathic training I got at...
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  • "I am extremely grateful for the experiences I gained in just two years of learning, and also for having a very helpful, bright and kind group of classmates. I couldn’t have done anything without their support and non-judgemental opinions. I appreciated their warm welcomes and cheers every time I entered...
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  • Hi Kim, I want to thank you again for an amazing weekend!  I learned so much & really appreciate your straight forward teaching style. --Gwen K. Post Grad participant 2020-2021

  • I am quite impressed with the program at CCHM. I was able to catch up easily with the online format and join my class before the end of the first term. Homepathy is exactly what I was looking for to fill the gap in my practice, it will allow me...
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  • This Acute role play course was such a great learning experience and also a lot of fun! The actors were playing their patient roles so well.  And the learning experience is not over for me because I took a lot of notes for every case and after submitting my own...
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  • Hi Kim, my name is Martina and I was one of the post grad students you had this weekend for CCHM. Thank you!! Your teachings in the webinar were fascinating, invaluable, insightful and humbling. I have so much to learn!  --Martina M.

  • I am practicing in the suburban Chicago area, working out of a holistic MD pediatricians office. (A connection I made thru my local health food store where I've been going for years)  The doctor trained thru CEDH USA and stocks and sells Boiron low potencies and uses homeopathy for acutes. .  It’s instant...
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  • I am writing to express my gratitude for being able to attend and take part in your wonderful in class program at CCHM.  The whole process from beginning to end what a long one for me, but the last 3 years of class have flown by. Before choosing a school...
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  • Even thoough the homework seems the equivalent of writing a term paper each week,  I'm still enjoying the program immensely.  I'm very impressed at how well it's planned out, adding (what seems like, ha ha) a "simple step"  gradually,  covering particular remedies which turns out to be a properly timed review,...
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Homeopathy And My Premature Baby Journey

From Kellie F., Bali

I have always had a natural inclination to consume healthy food and drinks, and engage in activities that are on the whole good for me. You could say that I have veered towards a lifestyle that is unconventional when compared to that of most other people. That is only to say that I have chosen the path of health whilst I watch the majority of society choose another path. Furthermore, I watched my father suffer with terminal illness for years and I saw the massive side effects that his prescribed medicine had upon him. They kept him alive but at a huge cost to himself and to those who loved him. To his credit he tried many different avenues to re-build his health and resolve his issues but at this point the damage was irreversible and any solution possible could only be about life extension.

I, like most, have had a defining moment when Homeopathy changed my life. Until that point I had never experienced healing in such a profound sense, and to this day I am forever thankful to the Homeopath that helped me so much and provided me with the tools to change my inner methodology.  I have always felt called to heal and help others in one form or another, I have always felt compelled to share how healthy living can be so critical, I put this down to sharing in my fathers ill health.  My experience of the positive transformation I felt with Homeopathy lead me to the realization that I knew I wanted to study the disciplines and gain a greater knowledge of the practice, and then help others as I had been helped.  It was 5 years ago that I wrote off to enquire. It’s been a process since a lot has happened in the mean time and now I am ready!

Six years ago in May I delivered my second daughter extremely premature, she was born at 24 weeks and 5 days gestation and weighing 625 grams. I had been extremely ill in hospital for the 8 weeks leading up to her delivery and the trauma was immense.  Willow was born, we decided to proceed with her delivery even though we were advised of the risks if we went through with it. She was only given 10% survival rate and of that if she lived we were told we were facing major developmental issues. We proceeded as we knew our baby would survive, we knew her before she was born, we sensed her strength but the process was terrifying.

Willow underwent 9 surgeries and we nearly lost her 3 times, she was so ill for so long that we stopped living as the people we were, our lives were confided to a NICU unit and we were on a very long roller coaster ride that at times felt like it was never ever going to end.  We called it our fifth gear; our minds and hearts went into a place of just operating and doing what was needed for her to survive.

Willow is now about to turn 6 years of age and is a perfect little girl, she is such an inspiration and her journey has taught us so much, we never knew we could go the places we went with her but as humans we are now so much more aware of life and its twists and turns, its rewards and its beauty. After Willow was discharged we returned to our home country of New Zealand to re-charge. It was here that I sought Homeopathic treatment for at that time I knew I needed some help to recover, I had no idea what would help me, I made a lucky choice and I have never looked back.

I was a shell, and my nervous system was shot to pieces, I was terrified of blood, as I had hemorrhaged for so long, I could not sleep, eat, rest, I was in pieces basically, I was angry for our situation, guilt ridden that my body had done this to my baby girl, that I could not give her the safety she deserved, that she had struggled so much and I could do nothing to help her, and that it was because of me. Leila (my Homeopath), worked with me for 7 months, at first, I saw her weekly, I was stunned at how she just “got me” and even though she knew nothing of my situation she was able to assess me and not judge.  She listened to me fully, determined an overall approach and told me exactly how my treatment would be mapped out.

We covered everything, the remedies she gave me, I responded to brilliantly even to an intense level, one week I remember she said you are going to feel terrible after taking this but trust in it and ride it out, I sweated, vomited and ended up in hospital on a drip as the migraine was so intense, she told me my body was purging, it sure was! After 7 months we both agreed I was strong again, I was ready to face the world and I had let go of all the negative aspects of Willows birth, I was able to mother her and cope with caring for a child that was not well, I was armed for the future and the journey that would unfold.

Shortly after completing my treatment we returned to Asia, I then went on to have another child, this one to term! So my life for the past 7 years  has been focused on my family, being a mum to my three amazing babies, giving Willow everything she needed to overcome so much and providing her with the extra strength she needed. She is such a gift and even today her teacher pulled me aside and told me they had some local Indonesian children had come into their school. Willow helped all the children and made them feel so welcome, she was surrounded by all these children, touching her and wanting to hold her hands, and when her teacher was telling me this she had tears in her eyes as she knows what a powerful little human being she is.  We got lucky!

So, what has pushed me to want to study Homeopathy?

Firstly – An Experience. My experience delivering Willow and seeing her survive and flourish against all odds has changed my belief system about what is possible in life. Put simply, I believe that anything is possible, anything can be achieved.

Secondly – An Understanding. I have experienced first hand the effectiveness of Homeopathy on solving holistically my own issues. Never have I experienced such a dramatically positive effect with regards to my physical and mental health as I have with Homeopathy.

Third – A Want to Help Other People.  My life purpose is to learn Homeopathy and to wield it to benefit the lives of other people. I have seen it work, I am living testament to its effectiveness, I have always lead an unconventional life and I have the aptitude and work ethic to successfully acquire the skills, knowledge and practices.

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