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Homeopathic Pain Relief

By Amanda N., Toronto

Acute pain is for a short period of time whereas chronic pain is ongoing for years, in either scenario when one experiences pain, life can be quite unbearable. Homeopathy is excellent in treating both. Homeopathic medicines do not cause drug interactions and do not affect the action of conventional pain relievers.  Homeopathic and conventional pain relievers can be used simultaneously without risk. Using conventional pain relievers and homeopathy together in some cases has even lead to a decrease in the patient’s need for conventional pain relievers.  This lessens the strain on the liver since most conventional pain medications have to be metabolized by the liver whereas homeopathy is not.  It is ideal pain relief in persons suffering from liver damage.

Homeopaths do not consider an illness or it’s symptoms to be separate from the person.  Therefore we treat the entire body not just the illness and it’s symptoms.  Homeopaths trigger the body’s own healing ability via a well prescribed homeopathic remedy.

Arnica Montana, made from a perennial flower is one of the many remedies that treatspain and bruising that results in the presence of inflammation in the body.  Arnica has been used for centuries as a natural pain reliever and it contains sesquiterpene lactones, a strong anti-inflammatory agent. 

In my practice I use it to treat anything from back pain, arthritis to sport injuries and bumps and bruises. Arnica helps to decrease bruising and impending pain and some of my patients even give it to their kids before a game of hockey as prevention to potential pain and bruising.  Arnica can be taken as a pre or after treatment for pain and bruising.  Arnica comes in hundreds of potencies and should be individualized to your body so it is advisable if you are planning on trying Arnica, to consult a registered and qualified Homeopath for treatment.

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