Homeopathic Medicine: Holistic, Natural Medicine for Global Problems

On June 7th, the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine (CCHM) hosted an event for current students and alumni.  We showed an early version of a new documentary by Carol Boyce, called ‘Homeopathy around the World’ which highlights various Homeopathic projects around the World.

It is easy to forget the privilege most of us have in the West.  We can often choose between both allopathic and complementary medicine.  In many parts of the world, people don’t have access to any type of healthcare at all.  In many of these communities there are projects that both educate and treat local people.

The documentary highlights several projects around the world ranging from the United Kingdom, to Mexico and Cuba, to India and parts of Africa.

Cuba is a particularly interesting case.  Homeopathic medical training is integrated into the curricula in all medical schools.  However, it is even more interesting that the government of Cuba is promoting Homeopathic prophylaxis as an alternative to the conventional vaccine approach.  Dr. Gustavo Bracho of the Finlay Institute was interviewed and mentioned that it takes too long to develop an effective vaccine for special epidemics such as Hepatitis A and Leptosporosis.  Cuba has recently used Homeopathic prophylaxis for Leptosporosis with great results.  Here is a link to the study on the successful application of homeopathic leptosporosis... http://homeopathyresource.wordpress.com/2009/01/17/summary-of-cuban-experiences-on-leptospirosis-prevention-from-the-authors/

The Calcutta Mobile Clinic is a project started by Carol Boyce and Linda Shannon.  They recognized that Homeopathy needed to work in tandem with nutrition.  Many children who live in slums in Calcutta are not even getting a basic nutrition. 

A variety of Homeopathic organizations have focussed their efforts on sending teams to deal with trauma and disasters in places such as Haiti. 

A particular interest of mine is using Homeopathy as a treatment for people living with HIV or AIDS.  Note: this is not about promoting a cure but rather emphasizes improving wellness and reducing side effects of the toxic antiretroviral medications or ARVs. There are several projects in areas where HIV is endemic such as the Ghana Homeopathy Project.  A local Homeopath commented on why Homeopathy is such a good fit in African generally.   He mentioned that Homeopathy is inexpensive, people don’t have to rely on popping pills for the rest of their lives and it also fits into traditional African spirituality.  The director of the Abha Light Clinic which trains Kenyans to be Homeopaths further illustrates this point by talking about how it is easy to teach local people first-aid which is not only safer, but it actually confronts one of the ill-effects of colonialization which took healthcare out of the village.  Homeopathy has the ability to bring healthcare back into the heart of African communities, especially the village.

For more information about this wonderful documentary and if you would like to purchase it, please visit www.wholehealthnow.com/world


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