Healing in a Softer, Safer Way


From M. R., Pittsburg, PA

My choice to become a homeopath is one that I am happy with, and proud of. It was not a choice that I had imagined growing up, and truthfully not an occupation that my younger self even knew existed. In fact, I knew nothing of any medicine or healing beyond what was prescribed in the walls of my doctor’s office. The appearance of the perfection of the world of western medicine remained strong throughout my childhood. This perception might have continued, but when my niece had a vaccine reaction, this world of perfection shattered. (I feel compelled to write that we did not completely turn our backs on doctors and western medicine. There is still a time and place for it in our lives. We simply no longer view it as the sole, supreme authority of all things health related.)

This event began a period of discovery for my family. We peeked our heads into the world of alternative medicine, and learned how there are simpler, and very often safer ways to promote health and to heal. One of our discoveries was homeopathic medicine, which I immediately took a liking to. (This could also be because my sister became an herbalist, and I found the sugary homeopathic remedies a lot easier to swallow than her creations) We bought textbooks which I would look at for hours, reading about the history and creation of homeopathy, and the stories about how different remedies came to be discovered and named. I saw how it helped people as well; my nieces terrible asthma became bearable, and I watched the harsh symptoms of occasional acute illnesses that are common among children and adults quickly lift following a dose of the correct remedy.

The road to my decision to become a homeopath was unfortunately not as smooth as I wish it could have been, and it came at a high cost. However, the experiences that I have had, and the journey it took for me to get here has encouraged me to invest all that I can into the path that I have chosen. I look forward to furthering my knowledge of homeopathy and alternative medicine, and helping others heal in softer, safer way.


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