The Healing Power Within

From Mariko T., San Francisco, California

In January 2009, it was the cold rainy day in Caen, Normandy. I was calling my mother in Japan. As soon as I heard her voice on the phone, I started tearing up. “Mom, my eczema came back. My whole body is red and swollen and I can’t even open my eyes. I’m going out of my mind. What should I do?” She was silent. She picked the right words and said calmly, “ Well… Mariko, you have to accept yourself. You should get along well rather than fighting it.” I was  hopeless and despaired.

When I was 3 years old, I suffered from severe eczema. I was too young to remember but I was told that the symptom was all over my body and my parents had to take care of me without sparing time for sleep. My parents didn’t have any special medical education, but somehow they strongly believed in the ability of people’s natural healing. Back then, steroids were most commonly used to cure eczema but they never used it on me. Instead, they focused on good nutrition, based on the macrobiotic philosophy. Thanks to my parents, after eating endless amounts of brown rice, drinking daily concentrated sour plum drinks, and putting loquat leaves all over my body to take out the body heat, my eczema was beautifully cured within a year. As my body went through the teenage hormone changes and unbalanced diet, the eczema came back conditionally and seasonally, but it was very minor.

Here I was 20 years old, who dreamt of coming to study in France, suffering from severe eczema. I had to ask my host family for help. Very coincidentally, the French family I lived with also believed in natural healing and macrobiotic philosophy — just like my parents. My host mother didn’t take me to a regular dermatologist, instead she took me to see a “homeopath.” That was the very first time I experienced “the remedies.” I don’t remember specifically what remedies I took, or even if it worked me or not, but my eczema was almost gone after 6 months when I left the country. It surely was a wake up call that I got sick and cured in France. I became interested in what had happened to my body and how my body was healed, but I was never able to find the answer.

I graduated college and moved to Hawaii, where I met my ex-husband and I got married at the age of 23. My ex-husband was ex-military, and was proud to have fought in the war in Afghanistan, but he also suffered from PTSD. He was already taking too many prescription drugs for many issues and suffering from their side effects. I simply wanted to help him, and at the same time I started working for the Holistic Wellness Clinic. The doctor was a well-known dentist who studied Holistic Dentistry and was using the homeopathy remedies during dental procedures. While I was working, I was able to learn a different healing method. The clinic was mainly focusing on the PEMF(paused electromagnetic field) therapy, kinesiology, and naturopathic medicines. I became more interested in the vibrational medicines and started studying about reiki, flower essence, and homeopathy. My ex-husband was very skeptical and didn’t believe in anything other than the things proved by science, so it was very challenging for myself to convince him to try the remedies. While struggling to treat him, I had an eye opening experience on taking flower remedies and homeopathy remedies. I was able to take a big step towards facing my own ego, struggle, hidden emotions, and my inner child. Just like peeling the layers of an onion, I had to heal and peel many layers in order to get to the “core”—the truth of myself. Then, the realization came— I had to heal myself before I could heal others.

Today, Im still facing my eczema. But one thing that has become very certain is that I’m ready to step forward on the path to become a healer. To get to this point, it took many years of physical and emotional struggles. I was divorced, became a single, moved out of the tropical paradise Hawaii to the technology city, San Francisco where I met my current husband. I want to study homeopathy because I understand from my own experience what it takes for the body to heal within itself. And I know that homeopathy remedies are the greatest aids for our body to acknowledge the healing process.

As I begin my journey to become a homeopath, it is a continue journey for healing myself. And I already know that this experience will help many more souls one day. My goal is to become a healer of myself, a healer for many souls to become their own healers.


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