The Dog Shadow

Just another story



by Laurel Chitel (Blind Dog Films)

For the past two days my elderly dog Shadow (above picture) developed a hacking cough. Pretty typical "kennel cough". If anyone has ever heard a dog with kennel cough, it sounds awful. Like a duck quacking. LOUDLY. Poor baby. None of this would have concerned me, it is a self limiting condition HOWEVER I am leaving town tomorrow! Kennel cough is highly contageous, and I was concerned. I was even thinking of cancelling my plans.

Yesterday he got even worse. Hacking and hacking and spitting up phlegm (sorry to be so graphic, but hey, most of you are homeopaths!) My normally energetic dog was barely able to make it around the park.

I tried all the remedies indicated for his condition.  Nothing worked. Reluctantly, I made an appointment with a local vet for that afternoon. Not only did I think the appointment would be worthless -- I did not want him taking antibiotics -- I also did not want to shell out a bunch of money to an expensive New York City vet if I could avoid it. But I was worried and didn't know what else to do.

I wrote to my own homeopath to see if she had any suggestions. Bless her heart, she got right back to me and suggested another remedy which I did not have on hand. However in my research on that remedy, I found a different option, a remedy which I did have at home.  I gave him that remedy -- the 4th one I tried -- and voila! He completly stopped coughing!

I took him for a walk around the block because walking aggravates the coughing. Surely he would start coughing again. Nothing.

Today I have a happy, smiling, doggie thanks to homeopathy! And I can go away with a clear mind.

These stories are what fuel me to keep going with this film!

xo Laurel (and a very grateful Shadow)


PS. Just One Drop Film, a film about homeopathy, has been launched. 

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