Diving Deeper Into the Sea of Knowledge That is Homeopathy


Dr. Priyanka Gupta ND

Patient X sits across from me recounting her menopausal symptoms which include insomnia, night sweats, forgetfulness and the bouts of depression. As I take her case, I listen to her words and how she describes her feelings of no hope and unattractiveness. Her body language and words express a picture of an individual who has lost touch with who she really is. Withdrawn from her family since becoming consumed with her mental and physical symptoms, she seeks my medical opinion as a naturopath for options to treat her diagnosed label of menopause.

Many times in clinical practice, I see patients who would benefit from a homeopathic remedy. As homeopaths as well as individuals in tune with their spiritual self know, health is beautifully married to our inner soul. Any disturbance propels us towards imbalance and disease, whereas unity with our true being brings about health and vitality.

As a naturopath, I was trained in a number of modalities and for those patients looking for example for bio-identical hormone therapy, I am able to write a prescription with an exact dosage. For those patients wanting intravenous nutrient therapy, I am able to skillfully put together a nutrient protocol in the hopes of managing their symptoms of fatigue. But truly, that’s all I’m doing: managing. I’m not certain I’m bringing about true curative change.

My hope with homeopathy is to bring about change that is vital to the patient’s healing. Having grown up with homeopathy, I have seen health gradually restored with remedies and symptoms spontaneously subside. I feel that there is no time like the present to better yourself in the efforts of helping another person. This is how I reached my decision to become a homeopath.

While my training at CCNM helped me gain an understanding of Hahnemann’s theory of chronic disease, I have an obligation to my patients to dive deeper into the sea of knowledge that is homeopathy. After careful consideration, I would like to apply to the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine to further my training and scope as a licensed medical professional. I hope you find my level of knowledge and expertise sufficient for the health care practitioner stream and look forward to hearing your decision.

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