"Despite controversy, or time, homeopathy continues to nestle its way into people's everyday lives."

Tiber W., Edmonton, Alberta

Healthcare is arguably the most important aspect of a functioning society, people cannot create,  govern, or uphold the law if they first are not marginally healthy enough to do so. Homeopathy, being a subset of the greater healthcare profession is a reminder of the truly beautiful symbiosis we can have with nature, and the art of healing. Knowing firsthand, the incredible difference it makes in patient’s lives, It seems that I had already made the decision long ago, I just didn’t know how to get there.

My mother has always been a great inspiration for me to pursue a medical path, as a cardiac nurse of 29 years, I was raised on the many stories shared with patients and staff. However, seeing a woman with all her knowledge down an arsenal of over the counter medicines for health issues made me begin to wonder where conventional medicine falls short in providing people with quality of life, rather than quantity measured in years. How it often treats symptomatically, rather than focusing on the root of the issue. And, despite controversy, or time, that homeopathy continues to nestle its way into people's everyday lives.

As years have passed, books continue to pile in the rooms I’ve inhabited over the years. Books on medicinal uses for herbs, Aromatherapy how-tos, Anatomy and medical journals. These were not collected as trinkets or a hobby type interest, but read with the intent that I would one day put the knowledge to use for others.

Originally, I had begun the application process to a college in Calgary (Western College of Homeopathic Medicine), as I began my search locally for courses. I was met with unreturned phone-calls, and was left to assume the college had closed its doors for good. This was a blow, yes, but did not stop my pursuit.

Happening upon a college that is some distance away from home gave me pause to reflect on how much I wanted to pursue this path. Seeing as you’re currently reading my submission, we can both gather that equated to a very strong intention.

Becoming a homeopath means that I will not only be able to make a difference every day I walk in to work, but also satiate my curious mind with an ever growing wealth of knowledge and experience. In medical fields, there is always something to be learned, whether you’ve been working 40 years, or 4. It's the conviction of individuals that drives them to be better people, and better Homeopaths. You will come to know my conviction to be at the very least, as strong as someone twice my age and with twice as much experience. You will come to know that the compassion I have for others is boundless. As in alternative medicine, having compassion for people can be the difference between a patient walking out of your clinic on their way to a healthier life, or on their way to the pharmacy.

I am more ecstatic to begin my journey than words can describe. I just need your help to get there!

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