A Career in Homeopathy: Preparing Students for Success in Practice

If you are a student beginning their Homeopathic studies or even just thinking about it, it is hard to imagine being in the shoes of one of our year 3 students who are on the verge of graduating and beginning a whole new journey as a practicing Homeopath.

Today is our year 3 student’s second last day of clinic.  This weekend they write their final Homeopathy exam.  Completing any rigorous program to become a healthcare practitioner requires a total commitment of mind, body and spirit.  So, as you can imagine, they all are exhausted.

Studying the art and science of Homeopathy is not like studying more theoretical disciplines in academia such as history or English.  I do have a graduate degree in History so it is also a noble pursuit.  However, at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine (CCHM), our primary mission is to equip our students to experience success in clinical practice.  This is because in the end we all come to study Homeopathy because of our desire to help make people feel better and to lessen their suffering.

For most of us, beginning our Homeopathic practice is scary.  Put yourself in the shoes of a 3rdyear student.  They are leaving the more supported and socially-connected environment of CCHM.  Wherever they set up their practice, the reality is that they are alone in their work with patients.  Suddenly, we alone are responsible for all the aspects of Homeopathic care including case taking, case analysis; and remedy selection and patient management.

This is the point where any new Homeopath needs to take a giant breath!  If this sounds like you, the good news is that there are some concrete things you can do to help you minimize this fear and to set the groundwork for success in practice.

  1. Find a Mentor:  I can’t stress how important this is.  You need someone with a significant amount of experience in clinical practice who can give you guidance, direction and most of all support.  This can also include someone who is willing to consult with you on some of your more difficult cases.  No matter how close you are with your classmates, make sure you choose someone who has at least 5 years clinical experience.  It is even better if you know they are getting good results in practice.
  2. Continue Your Education!  Any system of medicine that is based on individualization is going to be difficult to master!  CCHM is offering a post-graduate program that is going to include lectures as well as clinical internship/mentorship.  For more information, click here!
  3. Learn How to Market Your Practice!  No matter how good of a Homeopath you are, you won’t get to practice if patients don’t know about you.  And let’s face it- most of us don’t become Homeopaths to learn about Marketing.  But it is vital!  Again, I am going to plug our Post-Graduate Program in a shameless way.  This program is unique because it is the only program that places an equal focus on clinical success and business success!  In addition, there are some wonderful resources including an e-book called practice building 101 http://www.thewellpractice.com/wellness/uploads/practice-building-7-course.pdf.  In addition, there is a newer book that is more Canada-specific, it is called the Practitioner’s Journey.  You can buy this book at www.practitionersjourney.com




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