"A career in homeopathy for me is a career that holds so much power and potential and from which others can greatly benefit..."


Ellie O., first year student 2017 – 2018, Toronto

I am often told that I am a great writer, that my words hold wisdom, power, and a great deal of thought and emotion, yet to sit here and to write a short essay about why I want to be a Homeopathic Practitioner seems more difficult than to sit and to write as I usually do.

The difficulty is not in why I want to work in this field, or what brought me to make this decision, but rather it is the question of how vulnerable do I want to allow myself to be, in sharing the power behind what truly has guided me into the domain of natural health care, and particularly homeopathic medicine.

To begin, you may ask what my dream is, and if it will become a reality. With confidence, the answer to this is yes, because my heart and my mind are connected to this dream, and because I have worked hard, and continue to fight to achieve my goals which are required to carry out my long term goal and my ultimate dream, that I know that it will, with certainty, become a reality.

My dream is to, in time, and as I gain experience and network with others in the field of natural medicine,  create a center for children and youth who suffer from mental illness and addictions, as well as physical ailments. A holistic healing center, where the child is given power in their healing process, where they are treated as a whole and unique individual, where they can express themselves, and learn about their passions, and desires, and a place where they may be supported through homeopathy, as well as other forms of natural medicine, and practices that will encompass their mind, their body, and their soul.

As a child, I was medicated from a very early age for severe ADHD. It wasn’t until I was old enough to read and explore, that I discovered ways to cope with my ADHD by channeling my energy in a positive manner through martial arts, and soon after I was connected and worked with a homeopath who not only helped me to utilize natures’ healing powers to cope with my challenges, but subsequently lifted many adverse side effects that I had from these medications. This, for me, was the window that lead to my interest into natural medicine.

To share my dream requires me to share, at a minimum, my story something that tore my world apart, but from which I have grown into a strong, determined, and inspirational young woman. An experience from which I was empowered by my willingness to learn, and to listen to my instincts and to fill the most important role in my healing, through taking action and exploring the domains that my heart and spirit yearned for.

As I studied in Geneva, and shadowed various practitioners, my mind was eager to learn, to expand my knowledge across the vast amount of domains that exist in the natural health care field. Through my naturopathy, we were introduced to the basics of many forms of healing, from which the spark and desire to learn more about homeopathy was ignited. Though I had set up my schooling to now channel into a  three year program to become a homeopath, life handed me an unpredictable storm from which I have spent years finding my way out of, and regaining strength to have the ability to return to my studies in a field which not only has changed my life, but that interests me beyond anything that I have ever engaged in throughout my life.

 An experience that left me fighting for my health in a field that did not take into account my own inner knowledge, nor my unique requirements, and because of my previous studies in the naturopathy field, I searched for answers, and I tried many forms of therapies, and when I began to work with energy, and to work with a homeopath, my eyes were opened to an entirely vast world of supports from nature, and from which I have greatly benefited and have not only first handedly experienced the benefits of homeopath, I can also see that my experiences, and personality, and character can provide others with a source of guidance into homeopathy, and my passion will assist in bringing about awareness of such approaches.

I have never wanted anything more than I want to reach my goal and my dream, and I am ready to work hard, to take each step as it comes, to walk my journey, to learn, and to give to others what I am able to bring forth, and to one day soon work in a field with such opportunity for growth, and a field that holds so much potential and hope for individuals who find themselves suffering and whom need a unique understanding and individualized treatment.

I know that I will make an exceptional homeopath, in part because of my difficult experiences that have formed an understanding that I don’t think I would otherwise have developed, and I have a warmth and energy that others continuously tell me is felt and by which they are comforted. I have incredible inter-personal communication skills, the eagerness to continuously learn and explore, and I have been through battles, and come through the other side and will always portray the ability to succumb any obstacle to not only my friends and family, but to my patients and co-workers alike.

A career in homeopathy for me is a career that holds so much power and potential and from which others can greatly benefit, and as a practitioner I can also engage in continuous learning and self-growth.

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