A Calm Moment

"A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it's not open." ...Frank Zappa

In order for your brain to be open, you must first accept that the Universe is biased in the favour of Love, Peace, and Forgiveness.

For, if you practice this within yourself, it has a collective, energetic effect on business. Supporting data is mind-blowing. Think about this: If enough people feel anger, fear, stress and pain, then disasters are more likely to occur. Think back to April 15th of this year. For Americans, this is the tax deadline. Lots of stress in people. What happened then?

The Boston Marathon Bombing. Positive emotions protect us from these disasters. We must develop an awareness of keeping those negative emotions and thoughts out of our minds because these thoughts ultimately lower our "defence shields."

And, as Deepak Chopra has said, when people tell him that they don't believe in meditation, his response is that they must not believe in the brain, because four decades of brain research have proven that the brain is transformed by meditation. He then goes on to say that newer evidence suggests that genetic output also improves with meditation.

That is, the right genes get switched on and the wrong ones get switched off. Wow. Really. Perhaps this week you can try to open your parachute...and meditate. It not only improves your mind, it mends your soul as well.

By Deborah Hall

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