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  • You are so fortunate to have  Dr. Kellerstein as faculty; CCHM is a place for quality study of homeopathic medicine and I refer my chiropractic students to your college for advanced study in homeopathy. I am always so excited when I can touch a student in the chiropractic program to look...
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  • I am practicing in the suburban Chicago area, working out of a holistic MD pediatricians office. (A connection I made thru my local health food store where I've been going for years)  The doctor trained thru CEDH USA and stocks and sells Boiron low potencies and uses homeopathy for acutes. .  It’s instant...
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  • Since the first time I took extra credits in homeopathy, I noticed that the learning I had from CCHM was complete.  I had the basics, the knowledge, the know how that other homeopaths in my class were struggling with. I am grateful for the thorough homeopathic training I got at...
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  • Having returned in April from a trip to Taiwan and the Phillipines, I would like to tell you how homeopathy ‘saved the day’ as per usual!  Since I never travel anywhere without my kit, I was especially glad to have brought it on this trip.  Personally, I used remedies for...
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  • "I am extremely grateful for the experiences I gained in just two years of learning, and also for having a very helpful, bright and kind group of classmates. I couldn’t have done anything without their support and non-judgemental opinions. I appreciated their warm welcomes and cheers every time I entered...
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  • Thank you for this most exceptional experience (as I wipe my tears..). I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for this privilege to study with such exceptional teachers, students and administration. What a gift and a blessing. As Voltaire said “with great privilege comes great responsibility”. I...
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  • I am a current 2nd year student and in October I attended Study Week for the college. My week can be described as it being profound, as well as surprising. First of all, I had the pleasure of meeting fellow distant education students like myself and I finally had a...
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  • "Thank you again for the most remarkable education. I have never felt so satisfied and content with my path of life!" Sarah D., 2018 Grad

  • It's a privilege to be part of CCHM and study the amazing program you offer. I have received a great benefit from my studies, from the comfort of my own home, at my own pace. I have nothing but great things to say about your school and all your staff.

  • This was one of the most amazing lectures offered by CCHM (Kanan Patel’s Post Grad lecture, 2018)! I wasn't bored for 1 second; it was interactive, integrative, informative and absolutely mind-blowing...


Best of the Best! CCHM Faculty Feature: Dr. John Millar, BSc., ND, DHANP, CCH, HOM

Dr. John Millar, BSc., ND, DHANP, CCH, HOM Lecturer

J D Millar B Sc ND DHANP CCH HD is a graduate of Trent University, the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and the Dynamis School of Homoeopathy. His teachers include Dr Andre Saine, Jeremy Sherr, Dr. Vassillis Gehgas Dr Rajan Sankaran and other notable homeopaths. He has been in private practice in Peterborough since 1988. As an active member of both the Canadian and Ontario Naturopathic Associations and the Ontario Homoeopathic Association,he is board certified in both Naturopathic and Homoeopathic Medicine. Additionally Dr Millar is on the Board of the Council for Homoeopathic Education and the Homoeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians. He is a teacher of Homoeopathy for the American Homeopathic Medical College, the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine and the Ontario College of Homoeopathic Medicine. Further his experience includes field work and teaching for Homoeopaths Without Borders in Cuba, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatamala

What brought you to the study and practice of homeopathy?

I was first introduced to homeopathy while at naturopathic college.  I had a few experiences with it personally and professionally during my clinical year that prompted me to want to know more: a patient with migraine, gone in a second…a child with seizures, none since the remedy.  I used to be wakened in the night with asthma attack - not once since the remedy……. 

It started then and there and I have never looked back.  Even after 30 years I’m still studying and learn… It’s never ending…one of the reasons I like it so much


Where did you study homeopathy? Did you complete graduate studies in other areas as well?

1). At Naturopathic College

2). Dr Andre Saine - seminar course over 3 years

3). Dr. Vasillis Gehgas - in the USA and Greece, residential

4). Jeremy Sherr - 3 year seminar course in Toronto

5). Dr Rajan Sankaran - residentials over a 9 year period in Big Sur California

6). Dr Jayesh Shaw – 3 year seminar course in Boston

7). Numerous other seminars: Vithoulkas, Scholten, Herscu, Chatterji and others


How many years have you been practicing, and can you estimate how many years your longest-standing patient has been a patient?

I started practice in 1988, so just over 30 years at this point. My longest standing patient has been coming since 1987 -a patient from Naturopathic College who still comes to see me a few times a year

Are there any of the old master homeopaths with whom you really resonate? Can you tell us why?

Boenninghausen:  he was a contemporary of Hahnemann and could explain what the master was teaching in a way that simpletons like me could understand. He explained what to Hahnemann was obvious. He put a frame work together and developed one of the first Repertories. We used Boenninghausen method while working in Cuba and Latin America. It gave simple, clean, dependable results


What is your favourite Materia Medica?

No such thing. I study MM. by doing extractions from the repertory… the next best thing to a proving.  Studying MM is like studying a case the same skill set is involved, but I do like the work of Vermeulen.  Each MM is the perspective of the author. The best one is the one you develop your own for yourself… that’s what the masters do


What made you want to get into teaching?

I can recall having lunch with Vasillis and he told me it was time for me to start teaching. I’ve always been a teacher.  In school I often had to teach myself. Being a little dyslexic, I couldn’t understand some teachers so I had to sort things out for myself. I spent many years teaching music and a few years as a supply teacher, mostly music and mathematics. I enjoy teaching and dealing with students and questions. I like trying to explain complex concepts in a simple way. I have a gift for taking a variety of apparently contradictory views and synthesizing them to a cogent whole. I think music has helped a lot with that. Having to teach myself all those years ago trained me to be analytical and holistic at the same time…to be both left brained and right brained…the Science and the Art.


What would you say is different about CCHM from other schools?

I’ve taught for 3 or four schools over the years. I’ve committed myself to CCHM which has always focused on teaching fundamentals and not the latest fad approach. To provide our students with a solid foundation on which to build - the teachings in the Organon, the masters - it’s like studying any artistic endeavor…you start with the old masters, the science is there, but it is the art of practice that is the critical skill for a homeopath


What do you find most rewarding about the teaching experience?

The successes of my students. Their questions and queries stimulate my mind and help keep me sharp. I always have to stay at least one step ahead…


Is there a case you are most proud of or would like to share with us?

No not really. I am not really prideful. Lots of successes over the years, no one that stands out. I have had cases for which medicine says there is no cure, or about which nothing can be done and the remedy proves them wrong. Pride is one of the seven deadly sins and not really part of being an Unprejudiced Observer.


What has surprised you most in your practice?

I am constantly surprised at the way homeopathy seems to work. It’s not supposed to work but it does, again and again.  The things I have learned from homeopathy apply to life in general.

We have grown up in a reductionist model of education based on deductive logic. But homeopathy is a holism model based on inductive logic which is not interested in the latest theory but more on the understanding of truth.


What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Being independent. Being free from prejudice. Not being dependent on something or someone in order to make a living. As the saying goes  if it’s to be, it’s up to me.


What is it about Homeopathy that has kept you “hooked” for so many years?

My patients getting better, knowing the truth of homeopathy, the never ending study, the continued self-growth that is required, those miracle cases that come along every so often, and of course, the service….


How does the practice of homeopathy enrich your life?

The truth of homeopathy provides a basis for truth in life. Learning to perceive without prejudice is something we can all benefit from. The inductive method is a logic designed to find and establish truth.


What might you tell prospective patients considering seeking Homeopathic help?

Try it, you might be pleasantly surprised. The homeopathic method strengthens the patient and reduces the susceptibility to disease. Allopathic medicine treats the disease whereas homeopathy treats the patient. Homeopathy truly is an alternative medicine and actually heals the patient.


What might you tell prospective students considering this as a career choice?

Be prepared to dedicate your life to the endeavor…. As rewarding as it can be, there is a lot of hard work. It’s not for everybody, I’ve seen many start and not finish, and you’d better like a challenge. The greater the challenge the greater the rewards…

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