Becoming a Homeopath

Deirdre B., Loysville, PA

I feel that I am coming full circle to what I was always meant to be.  In my sophomore year of high school I became very ill with pneumonia.  Having been raised in a family dedicated to self-sufficiency, where we ate vegetables from our own garden, raised our own pigs, goats, and chickens, and where we visited the doctor very seldom, my mother was hesitant to have me treated at an allopathic medical establishment.  I was, however, passing out and having trouble breathing so she relented and I was given a round of antibiotics.  Unfortunately, my body experienced an allergic reaction and the healing from pneumonia took a very long time.  It was some time in the following year that my mother developed an interest in homeopathy and started to study it herself.  Coming from a family where her great-grandfather, James Disney, had a healing clinic in Philadelphia, PA to help others heal their bodies energetically, the art of homeopathy felt like a natural extension of her own belief system about healing.  When a year after being so sick with pneumonia I started developing the same symptoms again, she decided to take me to our local homeopath, Will Taylor.  After totally recovering, a day after taking his homeopathic remedy recommendation, my mother and I were both amazed and convinced that homeopathy was indeed a miraculous form of healing.  She sent me off to college with my own homeopathic kit of remedies in which I delightfully dabbled in and dosed my friends with.  I only ever used the remedies acutely but had many successes with homeopathy as it became a way of life for me. 

The mysteries of life have always intrigued me, it is what has drawn me to the study of homeopathy.  I know that it works, I’ve seen it work, yet I still have no idea how!  Of course I have studied the philosophical and material reasons behind it and it may be a part of quantum physics that has not yet been totally understood.  To me, however, homeopathy’s focus between the body and the mind is what I love.  It is the only system of medicine that I have found that is completely holistic, addressing the mental, psychological, and physical realms of the human body while getting to the true source of the body’s dis-ease.  After studying psychology in college, I came to know two things; that I love working with people and that being a therapist is not a holistic enough occupation for me.  I wanted to be able to reach people at the individual place that they were, taking in all facets of their being, not just their psychological state.  For a while I explored the option of being an acupuncturist but, again, it seemed too limited to just the physical realm and not quite the right modality of energetic healing for me to practice.  As I explored different vocations; teacher, therapeutic support staff, fitness instructor, administrative assistant, none felt satisfying as a career.  All these experiences, however, have in some way prepared me for the work that calls to me on a soul level, that of helping others through the healing art of homeopathy.  Having had the opportunity to treat my friends and family homeopathically I am confident that being a Homeopathic Practitioner will be a lifelong career that is both fulfilling and inspiring.  Although I have had many bumps in the road to finishing my homeopathic studies I truly feel it is my calling and I am very excited to complete my diploma at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine. 

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