"Almighty has made our body, and treatment will also be in natural remedies not in human made substances."


From Harvinder G., Calgary, AB

I was born in a Village of Punjab province of India. Being a farmer’s son, I spent 30 years with my father growing crops and taking care of cattle at our dairy farm during my student and professional years. This time brought me closer to nature and natural laws. Working with cattle, their treatments, medicine and breeding, gave me an initial understanding of cure. We used a few different homeopathic remedies to treat animals but unfortunately I do not recall what those were.

During school times, I always had an interest in helping others, including family members, within their medical requirements. For example, if someone got injured and needed first aid, I was the one to run first to help. My grandmother used to have acute issues of stomach ache, headache, and weakness, so she always had need for medicines, and I would get them for her from the pharmacy, where I would have lengthy discussions with pharmacists about basic health problems and which medicines were available. I knew all  the famous antibiotics, painkillers, steroids, cough syrups etc. at that time. This induced a sort of interest in me towards health care, which I could not fulfill due to certain constraints, but this seed was there inside me.

I also had the opportunity to study a few homeopathic remedies, when my mother had an accident and her pelvis was cracked. Surgery was not the solution and the doctor asked her to just keep laying on bed with stretch on her leg. I knew Symphytum has some properties in broken bones (a little knowledge), so I started her giving 5 drops of mother tincture twice which did a miracle and she started walking in a month.

My current work experience has been giving a boost to this interest as from last five years I am working in a company which manufactures natural supplements to help people cure from many chronic problems. I have learnt about so many herbs, along with their actions, mechanisms and formulations.

Well now, I have the real and big challenge in front of me through which I now need to go. If I succeed it will be my way of contributing to the betterment of the world around me. Studying homeopathy at this moment is critical for me. Without studying and taking the instruction of an expert homeopath, I don’t want to proceed. Lastly, as a true human I have to try my best to help my family—the rest is in the hands of the almighty which has control of everything. Almighty has made our body, and treatment will also be in natural remedies not in human made substances.

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