3rd Bi-Annual Professional Networking Event

Last week the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine hosted its 3rd bi-annual Professional Networking Evening bringing professional Homeopaths together once again. CCHM began hosting this event in 2010 with the intent of providing a venue for homeopaths to meet and network with their peers. Such an opportunity can provide the foundation for new friendships, ideas and support. The community was treated to an intimate Q & A with Basil Ziv, Registrar for the Transitional Council of the College of Homeopaths of Ontario, followed by an always entertaining Dr. Joseph Kellerstein who lectured about using clean language (a type of neuro-linguistic programming or NLP) in the consultation room. Hermeet Singh from Boiron Canada showed a very insightful video demonstrating high production standards at the Boiron manufacturing plant in Lyon, France. The Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine opens its doors twice a year for a professional’s only evening of networking and special guest lecturers. The College is actively engaged in building a sense of community for homeopaths as it has tended to be a lonely profession. One of CCHM’s out-reach programs is the post graduate course “Road to Clinical Mastery”. Established a few years back, it provides an ongoing venue for education as well as a forum for discussing one’s own difficult cases. During school there are lots of opportunities to network. It is after graduation that it becomes important to provide an anchor in this life- long learning adventure called homeopathy.

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