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Homeopathic History Part 2 - Dr. James Compton Burnett

Ah! My good fellow, I thought you would say that you also use Aconite for fever, and that it is not necessarily Homeopathy. But do you not know of a certain French gentleman who spoke prose all his life without realising it?


 I have come across many precious stories from our homeopathic history which will be including them in this blog from time to time. There are many great masters of this art and science who have had the courage and tenacity of their beliefs to carry the torch for this powerful system of medicine down through the centuries.


The Brillance of Homeopathy

“There have been two great revelations in my life. The first was bebop, the second was homeopathy.” Dizzy Gillespie, jazz musician


Many women experience peri-menopause and menopause as a time of greater freedom. For some their children are leaving or have left home, others have found satisfaction in their careers and perhaps mastery in their work. It can also be a time of enormous caretaking challenges with parents. For some, an unlived life cries out to be fulfilled. This is a great time of “pause”.

Have You Had Your Flu Shot? There is an Alternative.

I was visiting a close friend in the hospital yesterday who is recovering from a mild stroke. She is an 89 year old woman who has always embraced complementary/alternative remedies and methods. Her constitution is very strong and vital although the stroke has left her feeling exhausted. Last night the nurse popped in to see if my friend had had a flu shot. My friend wasn’t in a position to protest so they gave her one.


What if your dog suddenly went into an epileptic seizure? What can you do when a bird strikes your window pane and lies deeply stunned on the ground? How do you help yourself when you have had a severe shock? How do you deal with sudden panic attacks? I reach for Rescue Remedy.

Homeopathy For The Traveller

I used to travel a lot for work.  I enjoyed the opportunity to experience different cities and countries, but the years of business travel to take a toll.  When I started to feel periodic claustrophobia in a plane, I knew I needed to find help.  I decided to explore natural solutions.  Using a combination of homeopathy, flower essences and acupuncture points I became a happy traveler once more!

Homeopathy in Dentistry: Finding the Root Cause

Dr. Gary Fortinsky is a general dental practitioner in Toronto and a graduate and fellow of the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy (FCAH). He also holds the CCH designation (Certified Classical Homeopath). His interest in alternative practices began in the 1990’s at dental school where he studied acupuncture with a certified acupuncturist and continued further studies with the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada.


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